David Allen and Sarah Hupp

David Allen and Sarah Hupp

2X Great Grandparents

 dallem copy

David Allen

Birth 4 Mar 1810 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania

Death 1896 Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado


Phillip Allen

Birth 1789 New York

Death 1838 Pennsylvania

Nancy Ann Wilcox

Birth 1785 New Jersey

Death 2 JUL 1851 Graysville, Monroe, Ohio

sarah h2 copy

Sarah Sallie Hupp

Birth Feb 1822 , Monroe, Ohio

Death 4 Oct 1914 Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado


Emanuel Hupp

Birth 28 Mar 1790 Virginia

Death May 1840 Monroe, Ohio

Mary Polly Davis

Birth 1802 Virginia

Death 4 Jul 1866 Enoch, Monroe

Allen History

 Narrated by Ross Allen 1978

My great-great grandfather, David Allen, was born in Pennsylvania in 1810 and came to Monroe County, Ohio with his parents, Phillip and Nancy Wilcox Allen in 1817. David married Pauline Hill of New York and they had 8 children. Pauline died and David married Sarah Hupp. They had four children. The oldest son of David and Sarah was Henry Allen, my great-grandfather, born April 4, 1853 in Monroe County, Ohio.

At age 19, Henry married Tacy Payton. They had four girls and three boys. She died in 1885. Later, he married Ann Payton, a sister of his former wife. It was at this time that Henry’s father, David, sold all of his land holdings in Ohio and decided to come west with his wife Sarah, 10 of their children and their families, totaling 42 people in all. They loaded all their possessions, including wagons and livestock on a train to come to Colorado. The story is told that the trail was held up five days in Ohio while Ann Payton was making up her mind whether to marry Henry or not. She did. They left Ohio and arrived in Evans, Colorado where they reassembled the wagons and drove them to Meeker arriving in August of 1885. They spent the winter in Meeker.

The Allen party came on to Hotchkiss the spring of 1886. They came by covered wagon, crossing the Colorado River on the railroad bridge at Grand Junction. The ruts of the old wagon road are still visible at Fool’s Hill on the right side as you make the first turn going west to Grand Junction. The Allens settled on the west end of Rogers Mesa. David Allen first lived on the upper portion of the Mesa, what is now the Te Grotesques ranch. It was at one time named Allen Mesa after him. Some other places were the Jim Pierce property, Don Carr property, Housewart property, Bill Hanna property and the Joe Gallob property. Also the Barrett property just east of the Rogers Mesa Community House, is where David Allen was living at the time of his death.

David and Henry assisted in surveying the Allen Mesa Ditch, which still carries their name. David had a natural talent for treating sick animals and was often called for his veterinary services. Sarah was known as the Egg Lady, as she raised chickens and sold eggs. They lived on Rogers Mesa until their deaths and are buried in the Hotchkiss Cemetary. David died in 1896 at the age of 86 and Sarah died in 1914 at the age of 92.

Henry’s children by his first wife that came west with the Allen party were: Pearl, Viola, Lige, Frank, Maude, John and Mary. Then Henry and his second wife, Ann, had six children. They were Ross, Gertrude, Douglas, Sam, Tom and Bertha. At one time there were 11 of his 13 children all living within a mile of the home place. At the present time, there are still children, grand-children, great grand-children, and great-great grand-children of Henry Allen living in the Hotchkiss area. Many of the older generation were musically inclined and played the fiddle, mouth-harp and guitar by ear. Old time folk dances were common occurrences on the Mesa during the years that so many lived there.

The early Allens hauled water from the North Fork and Gunnison Rivers in barrels, by team and wagon. They had to go to Montrose to get their wheat ground into flour. They forded the Gunnison River at the Forks and went west up the south side of the canyon through Peach Valley.

The first Allen children attended school in a tent across the road, north from where the Rogers Mesa Community House is now. Then they attended a school on the site of the Rogers Mesa Community House known as the Hurst School. Since the first Allens started school in the 1890’s, the fall of 1974 was the first year there had not been an Allen enrolled in school in the Hotchkiss area. At the present time, there is a great-great grandson of Henry Allen enrolled in the first grade of Hotchkiss school.
Henry and Ann Allen lived on Rogers Mesa until their deaths and are buried in Hotchkiss Cemetary. Henry died in 1942 at the age of 89. Ann died in 1945 at the age of 85.
My grandfather was Ross W. Allen, the oldest child of Henry and Ann Allen. He was born on July 4th, 1887 in a log cabin in the area known as the Basin which Gerheart Stengel now owns. One of the first sheep men in this area, he spent his entire life in the ranching and livestock business. He became interested in sheep after working a few years for H. E. Perkins, pioneer sheep man of western Colorado and eastern Utah. Ross was one of the first sheep men in the Hubbard Creek and Pilot Knob areas.
In 1918, he married Beulah Baker, who spent the early years of her life in the Pueblo area. She moved here with her mother and step-father, Mr. Fred Kline. Beulah taught the 2nd and 3rd grades in the Hotchkiss school in 1910-11. She taught school on California Mesa near Delta for 2 years, and the Lerous Creek school for 8 years. She later worked for the Delta County Welfare Department until her retirement.
Ross and Beulah had 3 sons: Dean, Gifford and Paul. Dean and my father, Paul Allen, have followed in their father’s footsteps in the livestock business. Gifford teaches school at Swink, Colorado. Ross and Beulah lived less than a mile from where he was born until their deaths. Beulah died in 1967 at the age of 77, and Ross died in 1972 at the age of 85.
Ben and Bertha Klatt still live on the Henry Allen home place.

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Meeker-Allen Party

1850 United States Federal Census

Washington, Monroe, Ohio

Family members

David Allen 40
Panina Allen 40
Gideon Allen 19
Ann Allen 17
Avera Allen 15
Lewis Allen 13
Mary Allen 11
Philip Allen 9
Elizabeth Allen 7
Sarah Allen 5
Panina Allen 3
David Allen 0
Ann Allen 80


1850 United States Federal Census

Elk, Monroe, Ohio

Family Members:

Mary Hupp 48
Kinsey Hupp 26
Sarah Hupp 25
Nancy Hupp 22
Lovisa Hupp 21
Elijah Hupp 17
Hannah Hupp 16
Mahola Hupp 14
John Hupp 13
Daniel Hupp 11
Susannah Hupp 9


1860 United States Federal Census

Washington, Monroe, Ohio

Family Members

David Allen 50
Sarah Allen 48
Philip Allen 19
Ezekiel Allen 17
Sarah Allen 15
Perlina Allen 13
David Allen 12
Heny Allen 7
Louisa Allen 4
Elijah Allen 2


1870 United States Federal Census

Washington, Monroe, Ohio

Family Members

David Allen 60
Sarah Allen 45
Henry Allen 16
Louisa Allen 14
Elizah Allen 12
Aron Allen 8
Sarah J Shafer 19


1880 United States Federal Census

Washington, Monroe, Ohio

Family Members:

David Allen 70
Sarah Allen 56
George L. Allen 13


1910 United States Federal Census

Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado

Family Members:

Henry Allen 57
Sarah Allen 87
Anna Allen 50
Ross Allen 23
Samuel Allen 16
Thomas Allen 13
Bertha Allen 11



Riverside Cemetery ~ Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado

dallenriverside copy

dallenstone copy


4 Oct 1914


Was doing some research on Allens in Monroe Co. and found this bio that may be connected to your Allen:
Washington Twp. –
DAVID ALLEN – born in Pennsylvania, Apr. 30, 1810, and came to this county with his parents, Philip and Nancy (Wilcox) Allen, in 1817. Parents were dead. Married in Woodsfield, Apr. 1856, Sarah Huff who was born in Noble county, Mar. 22, 1826, daughter of Emanuel and Polly (Davis) Huff. Their children, all at home, are: Henry, born Apr. 4, 18__; Louisa (Blazer), Apr. 11, 18__; Elijah, Jan. 24, 18_; Aaron, Aug. 14, 18__. By a former marriage the following children were born: Paulina (Hill), Gideon, Annie (Knowlton), Elias, Avery, Lewis, Mary (Huff), Philip, Ezekiel, Sarah (Fisher), Paulina (Watson), and David. Gideon served in the army, and Ezekiel in the 92d Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Avery, Lewis and Philip served in the 8th Virginia Volunteer Infantry. Mr. Allen is a farmer. Postoffice address, Graysville.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio – Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo – 1882 – Page 9)
from Message Board on Ancestry


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  1. I guess I am related to you! Tacy and Tamar Anna Payton’s brother, William, is my great grandfather. Thanks for the good info and photos.
    Patty Katashima

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