Birthday Celebrations

Taking a bath at Grandma and Grandpa’s house – Hotchkiss, Colorado

According to my mama, I was supposed to be a June baby with a due date somewhere between the 25th through the 30th. But since I was destined to be a stubborn one, I decided to wait and then wait some more. As the month of June crept by and as July opened its doors, my grandmother, Elva Bryant Allen, and my father began teasing one another that I would be born on their prospective birthdays: my father’s birthday was the eighth while my grandmother’s was the tenth. My mother, being equally stubborn, decided that I would be born on the fourth, so that I would be an Independence Day baby. And just like that, I was born on July 4, 1961 at Ft Lewis, Seattle, Washington. Since I was an army brat, my mom only had to pay for her meals. This little firecracker cost a measly $7.50. As a child when I was told that I was their cheapest baby, I cried! 

Two months after I was born, my father was stationed at Fort Carson,”The Mountain Post,” in Colorado.  I was just two months shy of being born in my favorite state.  Though I have wanted to travel to “revisit” my native state, I haven’t had the opportunity – yet.  Seattle will definitely be on the Bucket List!


Fort Lewis

July Birthdays

July 1

Princess Diana Spencer

9th Cousin

July 3

Hannah Lake

10x Great Grandmother

July 4

Calvin Coolidge

9th cousin

Fort Lewis – 1962

July 5

Phillipa Chase

7x Great Grandmother

July 8

Harold Reeder


Stephen Starkweather

5x Great Grandfather

Francoise Chagnon

9x Great Grandfather



Henry Kinne

10x Great Grandfather

July 10

Elva Marie Bryant Allen


Philip Allen

4x Great Grandfather

July 11

Margaret Reade

11x Great Grandmother

Madigan Army Hospital Fort Lewis
Madigan Army Hospital

July 12

Ellsa La Duke

2x Great Grandmother

July 14

Cameron Wood


July 19

Lucille Ball

10 Cousin


July 21

Ernest Hemingway

9x Cousin 2x Removed

July 22

John Bradstreet

7x Great Grandfather

July 24

Amelia Earhart

9th cousin

July 27

Thomas Kinne

8x Great Granfather









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