Missing David

Our Boy Scout, David Reeder, 1974

Tonight I am writing with a heavy heart, my sweet younger brother, Dave, left this world for the next. Today, as my family grieves together, all I could imagine was his reunion with our mama! I told family members, wish I could be a mouse in the corner to witness that precious reunion.

Today, more than ever, I understand what matters most in this world: Loved Ones. Loved ones are daughters and sons…loved ones are grandchildren and grandparents….loved ones are brothers and sisters….loved ones are cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and friends who have become family and even exes who step up and rally together to comfort one another.

Love is a dear younger brother who worries more about those he is leaving behind. Love is hearing his words of comfort…and his words of encouragement and his final hopes for those he holds close to his heart.

We will remember you when we hear “your” children (all those nieces and nephews) laugh…we will smile when we play Texas Hold Em and drink 7-Up from Jack Daniel shot glasses…we will miss goofy screams and long conversations…we will miss Harley gear…and Owl burgers and shakes…we will miss your smile and twinkling eyes…we mill miss your mischievous nature and that huge loving heart…until we meet again…love you David LeRoy Reeder.






Photo by Jeff Fan on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Missing David

  1. I know you realize that soon his memory will cover you like a warm soft blanket and give much comfort. It is in the parting that hurts and brings such sorrow. I am very sorry for your loss, and your family’s loss, and for the tough time ahead. I am sure you will come out of this much closer and with much love. My best hopes and prayers are with you and yours.

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