My Tales — January Themes



Do no forget to upload your stories in the comment section.  Can’t wait to see our stories!


Week 1 – (Dec 31 – Jan 6)

  • As you begin your new year, write about a favorite achievement that inspired you or made a significant difference in your life.

Week 2 – (Jan 7 – 13)

  • How did your parents or grand parents  meet?

Week 3 – (Jan 14 – 20)

  • Is there a political or civic leader that you admire – past or present?  What have you learned from this person?

Week 4 – (Jan 21 – 27)

  • Do you have family photos?  Which ancestor do you or your children resemble the most?

Week 5 – (Jan 28 – Feb 3)

  • Free – Pick your own favorite topic to write about.



13 thoughts on “My Tales — January Themes

  1. Can I play the “new guy in the room” card and ask what are the expected parameters & expectations of this collective?
    By invitation only or…?
    Word count limits?
    Upload a copy or provide a link to the essay?
    This looks like fun but I don’t want to presume too much.

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    1. This writing challenge is for anyone who would like to participate. It is just a fun way to record and share our family stories and histories. Just upload and provide a link. I really had fun with a writing challenge last year, and I would just like to continue with more stories this year.


  2. Hello again Ann Marie.
    This idea fit nicely with the type of essays I’m adding to my autobiographical story collection. You did not publish limits, so I stuck with my own personal 2000 word limit so a reader should be able to read it in about 10 minutes. I was not clear on how or where you wanted me to upload my offering, so please check it out via one of the 2 links below or advise me on how you prefer things like this to be uploaded (via a comment perhaps?).

    It’s on my blog @
    Or via the direct link or:

    Happy 2018 everyone….

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      1. Hi Ann Marie. Thanks for stopping by my collection. Also thanks for the catch on turning on comments for this new story. I had forgotten to do that. You should find it turn on & available at the end of each story. I hope you return and try a few more. Warmest regards.

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