February Themes

Join in on the fun and start writing your family stories.  Share with your family and friends and preserve those family memories.  Do no forget to upload your stories in the comment section.  Be the conveyor of your family tales.



Week 6 – (Feb 4 – 10)

  • Write about your first kiss.

Week 7 – (Feb 11 – 17)

  • Write about a true love.
  • Describe your relationship with your spouse, significant other, a close sibling, a child, or best friend in a timeline format. Include favorite memories, shared experiences.  How has your relationship grown and changed over the years?
  • Write a poem, a story,etc
  • What does true love mean to you?
  • Remember these are just suggestions so have fun and come up with your own ideas!

Week 8 – (Feb 4 – 10)

  • Write about a cherished heirloom.

Week 9 – (Feb 25 – Mar 3)

  • Write a narrative about a warmhearted memory about a family member or a dear friend, or write about an ancestor who left a lasting impression.


Photo by Mira on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “February Themes

  1. I just began the new 52 with Amy already or I would join in, but I’ll be checking out your prompts, as I might incorporate some of them along the way. This year I’m writing on my husband’s family… that will be like pulling teeth for sure! Love your photo you made for the prompts. I’m saving January’s for ideas. I have the April A to Z coming up and I’m also doing a monthly blog in another challenge. Might need a secretary to keep me on track. Working on printing my blog from last year… do you print yours. I’m using blog2print and there is a 39percent cpn through 1/9 on their Facebook page. Jeanne

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    1. I didn’t know Amy was going to have another challenge, and I didn’t want it to end!…lol. You have a lot of challenges on your plate, so you do need a secretary. I want to print mine, but I have had so much going on, I just haven’t had a chance. Work has kept me busy, so I will probably have to wait suntil school is out this summer.

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      1. I try and print once or twice a year as I’m always afraid of loosing my written work. I start out keeping copies on computer or downloading my blog, then I loose track! I learned of Amy’s start up in 31 days of genealogy on Facebook. If you’re on, you can friend me and I’ll post you a link.

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      2. Yes, I have most of mine backed up on dropbox, but I am not always consistent, so I am afraid of losing my work too. I saw Amy’s on facebook also, but it was after I had started mine. But I will still find you on facebook! 🙂


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