The Invention of the Sauna

I awoke very early and listened carefully. Was anyone awake? It was early Saturday morning, early fall and suddenly I could hear the furnace firing up, a sharp, small but clear explosion followed by the spinning up of the blower before settling down to only a quiet background hum, but no evidence of consciousness. The adventure awaited me, calling gently for my prompt attention. Keenly listening for anyone else, I pushed back my covers and crept into the night.

To tell the truth, I was feeling quite guilty for for not really writing and keeping up with my blog.  For the last several months, my crazy life has kept me hopping, and as much as I love to write and share my tales, work and school kept me on my toes.  To make matters worse, I started the year with a writing challenge that I shared with others, only to fall behind and neglect my own project.  But thankfully through this venture, I have met some interesting bloggers that have shared their stories on my site.  And today, I have enjoyed two more great tales by Gary A. Wilson.

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