Too Much Heat

“I don’t know what you did to make God angry, but you need to fix it because girl you are livin’ in hell.” 

I have never enjoyed hot weather, and as I have aged, sizzling days just annoy me.  Anytime the temperature creeps up over 90 degrees, it‘s just a waste of a perfectly lovely day, in my opinion.  All summer, friends and family would call to make plans, and I would have to ask them to hold while I looked at the temperature.  “Um…no Friday does not work…no I don’t have plans, but the temp outside is going to be over 95 degrees, and I just don’t do hot.  So maybe we can get together in the fall.”

When my daughter and her family first moved to Oklahoma, this teacher could not wait to see her grandkids.  But it was so hot and humid, so unless water was involved, I stayed inside with AC running.  When the kids would go to swimming lessons, I did water walking at the other end of the pool.  The first time I went out on the lake, I was afraid of the water moccasins that I always heard about from those in the know, and it didn’t help that I had watched Lonesome Dove and had witnessed the attack of those evil creatures as people tried to cross the river.  But as the humidity and the temperature climbed, I felt death was approaching either way.  I could die of heat exhaustion, or I could die in the cool murky waters that were laden with slithering creatures of doom.   This granny decided to jump into the muddy waters and take her chances.

The humidity was something I just could never get used to.  It was hot in the mornings and even late at night.  At least in my beloved state even in the dry arid prairie, I could find respite from the grueling heat during early mornings and starry evenings.  But Oklahoma didn’t offer any such salvation.  I finally told my daughter, “I don’t know what you did to make God angry, but you need to fix it because girl you are livin’ in hell.”

She just shook her head and told me I would get used to it.  Well, I haven’t yet.  This summer, I stayed inside most summer days, and waited until the cool evenings brought sweet breezes that chased away the relentless heat before I sauntered outside.

And now as summer fades and fall awaits just around the corner, I am looking forward to cooler weather and days filled with sweaters and boots and downy covers.  And true to my word, I have come out of my summer hiding, for as the season begins to change, I’ve made plans.  At the end of the month, my daughter and I will travel to the mountains and enjoy the colors of fall as the aspens begin to change to yellow and gold.  When the mountain air begins to cool, we will enjoy two nights in a mountain cabin and soak in a hot tub and watch mother nature as she shows off her mountain glory.  Finally, I will be able to shake off this heat and enjoy a little bit of sunshine and cooler weather.  My idea of heaven on earth will be soaking up some mountain beauty in the heart of my Rockies Mountains.

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