Holiday Humor and One Funny Fellow

Yes, I have known for a while now, I lead an “exciting” life. More often than not, I have felt like that cliche spinster teacher that lives by herself in a house filled with stray cats, except in my case I have mini doxies. Even my own daughter calls me the crazy doxie lady. Sigh.

12 thoughts on “Holiday Humor and One Funny Fellow

    1. Well there is a slight used to actively seek dangerous adventures…I am and have always been a bit of a klutz. When I was young, my mom would tell me, “it’s okay, baby; you will outgrow it.” When I became an adult, she told me, “I think I may have lied to you.” lol


      1. Beware. Vivid sarcasm follows.

        Ah – I know how to fix your situation. Your problem is a packed ear channel which is messing with your sense of balance.

        Cut a Q-Tip in half and frizzle the cotton end.

        Place it into a Dremel (you know, that cool electric spinning tool that sounds and works much line a dentist drill).

        Place the frizzled Q-Tip into the ear and turn on the Dremel – you will hear a very loud, dentist-drill-like sound – but only for a few seconds.

        When the sounds stops, turn off the Dremel and extract whatever is left of the Q-Tip.

        Your ear channel will be completely wax-free and a healthy sense of balance will be restored.

        I’d offer to do it for you, but certain authorities have given me clear instructions to stop “treating” my friends aliments. I call “Nanny State”, but can’t afford to fight city hall.

        Do not keep the Dremel running for more than 2 minutes as the vibration has been known to shake teeth loose. You may also experience several months of total deafness – which can be very soothing when all your students are wound up.

        Imagery is everything :: 8-D
        How did this one work?

        Oh – and a good decongestant helps.

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