Louis Gaston Hébert: Early Settler of Quebec

The determined man’s hard work and dedication became evident in the colony. His medical services, his farming accomplishments, and his relationship with the indigenous people of the area helped the settlement thrive and flourish.

19 thoughts on “Louis Gaston Hébert: Early Settler of Quebec

  1. The Hebert family had quite a change in their lives, settling Quebec, didn’t they? It definitely took a good amount of courage to not only make a dangerous trip across the ocean, but to be the first to settle a new area. Great story.

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  2. I think this is my great, great, great grandfather! My mother’s maiden last name was Hebert and my mother talked about him as the great French explorer and he lived in Canada. 😆 My father’s side also came to Canada from Germany. Beshore but through the years it was spelled different ways.

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      1. Contacted my older brother last night and he is so excited! He said that I finally found the missing link he’s been looking for on his decades of work on our family tree. He didn’t know of Louis. He has been in touch with several family members in Canada thru email on our fathers Beshore side. My older cousin in California has done tremendous work on my mother’s Hebert side. My grandfather Hebert died when my mother was a child, so, information was forgotten. I’m 68! Nice to meet you Cuz!

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      2. Ditto Cuz, perhaps, we could have a family gathering someday with our thousands of Hebert relatives? Of course my father’s side of Beshore also moved to Canada from Germany. My brother is 70. My mother mentioned to me the Hebert family had the first white baby born in Iowa or Sioux City, IA. She said all the Indians surrounded their cabin and kept looking thru the windows to get a look at the new baby. I was too young to get the details and mom died a few yrs ago at 88. Her twin in Calif died around 5 yrs ago at around age 92. My aunt’s daughter kept extensive Hebert family Tree documents. I have 2 younger sisters and youngest is spitting image of a great aunt that lived in Nebraska on Hebert side. My mom and aunt had a picture of that aunt and I instantly saw the resemblance but mom and my aunt did not see it at all. My sisters are around 59 and 60yrs old. Ive been single for 46 yrs. I don’t count short annuled marriage in 1982 😂. Moved from lifetime in Missouri to FL in 2014

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      3. I love our family history…so interesting. and wouldn’t it be great to have a family reunion?! I have four younger brothers; one brother died two years ago from cancer. I am divorced..been on my own too long to marry now…lol…but i have a daughter and 7 grandchildren…wht a blessing!


      4. After reading your blog and emailing my brother, a few times and he has found the missing link of the Hebert side, he emailed me (his/our) my sisters & I) Family Tree that he has worked on for more than 20/30+ yrs. The Hebert side is not as extensive as our Beshore side that goes clear back to 940-BC. Since my cousin Janice (in CA) was the one that was working on the Hebert side of the family tree, I will send her, as well as my other 2 cousins some of your stories of our grandfather. Not sure how many generation Louis Hebert is for us but see also another generation is added because Nicholas Hebert is Louis Baxton Hebert’s father. I am sure my cousins will be thrilled to know our grandfather on our mother’s side, Paul Hebert, will not be forgotten and what a legacy his grandparents and their grandparents left for us and not even sure my cousins know all of this about Louis. There are 3 cousins in California in their 70s. Can’t wait to tell them all about this. Thanks Cuz! Karen

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  3. Thank you for your research and article, it was very informative.. I would appreciate where you found the information on the relationship of Pierre Du Gau and Louis Gaston Hebert you have stated as cousins. “His cousin, Pierre Dugua de Mon, left France behind …”.


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