The Classic Nickname

What nicknames have you ever received or given? Did your dad call you Slugger or Princess? Did your younger sibling mispronounce your name, so you were stuck with your own special tag? Or maybe a coach or a teacher provided you with an amusing moniker. Share your tales here!

17 thoughts on “The Classic Nickname

  1. Growing up my parents called me Pooh Bear which later changed to just Pooh. My dad still calls me Pooh on occasion. I believe they tried to call me Nanny at one time, but it didn’t stick. I’m thinking that will make a great name when I become a grandmother.

    My real name is Natalie. Many people have a hard time saying and spelling my name. I have been called /Nedlee/ /Natlee/ /Nallee/ etc. Natalie has become more popular now and most people pronounce it correctly, but they still can’t spell it. They always leave out the second a and the ending is different from the /ie/.

    Names don’t fit the phonics rules, so you never know what you are going to get.

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    1. cute…pooh bear…pooh for short…i called my daughter punkin or punky…even punk…my favorite nickname is Honey…when my grandson was just a little thing, he started calling mr honey…and it stuck…best name in the world. ❤


  2. My father had three nicknames for me: Punkin (when I was little), then Coke Bottle Legs, then Grasshopper for when I got much, much taller. In high school, several friends called me Mary Sunshine.

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