In the fall of 1961, a smiling couple poses for a photo. The handsome man drapes his arm around his lovely bride while she holds their three-month-old daughter. In the background, the family ranch stretches across the mesa.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. For reasons too convoluted to expound on here, I moved my family back to within a 15 minute drive of my home town. I’ve always been pleased to have grown up there and had a wonderful childhood (you’ve read many of the stories – so you know) but the place is too close to San Francisco and that proximity has destroyed the small town feel and, while it is still a nice place, it is only a shadow of the home I recall and write about.

    It is a great thing to recall and even revisit our roots and be thankful for all it gave us, but each place we go to and spend any amount of time at simply adds unique layers to who we are, what we recall and how we get up each day to make our own wake through life. I think yours will be a wake that improves pretty much everything and everyone it washes over.

    Just for example: I love the way you honor your parents and family.

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