The Legendary Samuel Houston

At six foot two, this large man could hold his own, and he wasn’t afraid to stand firm in his beliefs.  He lived by his own convictions even when his ideals went against the norm.  This man was always outspoken and always controversial; Samuel Houston has continued to live on as one of our nation’s most imaginative and outrageous characters. He was born on March 2, 1793 in Timber Ridge, Virginia to his parents, Samuel Houston and Elizabeth Paxton. His father died when he was thirteen years old, and his mother moved the family to Tennessee and settled the family on a farm in Maryville. Since he did not enjoy working on his family farm, he escaped his older brother’s efforts to train him as a farmer. In time, the young rebel ran away and lived with a local Cherokee tribe, and he was given the name “Black Raven.” He lived with his new family for about three years, so he learned their customs and their language. Continue reading “The Legendary Samuel Houston”

David Allen and Sarah Hupp

David Allen and Sarah Hupp

2X Great Grandparents

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David Allen

Birth 4 Mar 1810 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania

Death 1896 Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado


Phillip Allen

Birth 1789 New York

Death 1838 Pennsylvania

Nancy Ann Wilcox

Birth 1785 New Jersey

Death 2 JUL 1851 Graysville, Monroe, Ohio

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One Sassy Lass!

One of my favorite characters in my family tree was my great grandmother, Tamra Anna Payton Allen. She was born in the year of 1860 in Monroe County, Ohio. Her father was Francis Payton (1833-1891), and her mother was Sarah Alvira Hogue (1835-1902).  Continue reading “One Sassy Lass!”

Oh My! We Really are Storytellers!


Stephen Crane, Emily Dickinson, Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Frost just a few of the famous authors, we are related to!  Yes!  I can’t believe it either! No wonder, our family loves telling stories and writing….It’s in the genes!  Continue reading “Oh My! We Really are Storytellers!”