October Poetry Writing Challenge 2018

Finding this challenge, ignited a longing to write poetry once again.  While drinking my morning coffee and reading the blogs on WordPress, I came upon this challenge early this morning.  This challenge started this very day, and I couldn’t wait to begin.  What an amazing way for me to take up this adventure and find the time to share my inner thoughts!

To discover more about this challenge, click on this link, OctPoWriMo 2018.

Day 1 ~ Surrender – Free Verse

Day 2 ~ Poems, You, and Notes – Tanka or Cinquain

Day 3 ~ Insecurity – Floretta

Day 4 ~ Strane Animal or Pets – Kenneling

Day 5 ~ Denial

Day 6 ~ Conquered

Day 7

Day 12 ~ Tortured

Day 13 ~ If I Were You

Day 14 ~ If I Were Me

Day 15 ~ If __________ Were an Umbrella

Day 23 ~ See Me

Day 25 ~ The Door Goes Both Ways

Day 26 ~ Inside Out

Day 27 ~ What color is it?

Day 28 ~ Split in Two

Day 29 ~ By the Numbers

Day 30 ~ Dancing on the Moon

Day 31 ~ Endless

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