What’s For Supper?

What’s for Supper?

On the days mom would make my favorite dinner, I knew immediately what we were having for supper. The mixture of flour and herbs filled the air. The sound of the butter crackling in the oven caught my attention. Flour dusted the countertops, and potatoes boiled on the stove. When mom fixed my favorite meal, she would fix fried chicken, potato salad, and corn on the cob. Sometimes she would add macaroni salad to the mix and often she included a large leafy green side salad too. But when she made her fried chicken, everyone came running. It was the perfect summertime meal. Continue reading “What’s For Supper?”

Reminiscing with Family Recipes

KTC from Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims & Pioneers: Our Predecessors & Me  continues to share her creative spin about her family tales.  This time she weaves her magic as she reminisces about grandma’s cooking.  Take a peek as she shares about favorite memories in grandma’s kitchen.  Continue reading “Reminiscing with Family Recipes”

Make Me a Promise

Stars shining bright above you. Night breezes seem to whisper, “I love you.” Birds singing in the sycamore trees.

My sweet blogger buddy from Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims & Pioneers: Our Predecessors & Me has once again presented prized tales.  This time KTC shared about cherished grandparents. Her loving tales speak of strong women that shared a love of home, history, and family tales.  Kind grandmothers offered snickerdoodles and garden homes to fairies.  All these wonderful spirited grandmothers enchanted and delighted their adoring granddaughter, and their memories live on through her thoughtful writing.  Take a moment to read about her grandmothers, and I promise her words will warm the heart. Continue reading “Make Me a Promise”

A Dog and Her Boy

They don’t live as long as you do and they don’t go without taking a slice of your soul with them.

“A Dog and Her Boy” takes us back in time when life’s adventures created memorable moments that grow sweeter with time.  It’s a story about a grandfather’s love and a gift that created an unbreakable bond between a boy and his dog.  Come read this warm tale about the escapades of a young boy and his loyal companion. Continue reading “A Dog and Her Boy”