A Few of my Favorite Things

List five things you do for fun.

  • Listening to audiobooks
  • Writing family history, family stories, poetry, and fictional short stories
  • Glamping and star gazing
  • Road trips
  • Genealogy

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What have you learned in your life about love?

Listening to stories from a favorite gramma

Watching a grandfather change a brother’s diaper

Helping mom make French Toast on a Saturday morning

Hearing a back gate scrape – dad was home

The loud shenanigans of little brothers 

Friendships made and friendships lost

Lovers lost and lovers found

One tiny heartbeat next to your own

Angel windchimes made from tiny hands

The hands that cook a favorite meal

Wiggly pups and endless kisses

Holding a grandchild for the very first time

Counting tiny fingers and toes – 

Loving your child’s husband as your own

Embracing all that truly matters

Daily writing prompt

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A Snapshot of Mama

The young girl poses on a rocky ridge. She wears light-colored slacks and a button-up shirt. Her long brown hair is pulled back into braids. Sitting on the ledge with her dog, she holds onto Midge’s reins. She looks into the distance and smiles.

This picture is one of my favorite photos of my mother, Dotty Allen. I received this photo after she died, and I wish I could ask her questions. Where was the photo taken? On the family ranch? How old was she? My guess is around 12 or 13, so the year it was taken was about 1946 0r 1947. I wish I could ask her what her pup’s name was. And I wanted to know what she was looking at in the distance.

Although my mom and I often talked about her life, I still have so many questions. I wish she were still here to answer my queries and spin more yarns and tales about her life on the ranch.

Colorado Adventures

If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say?

Yay! The writing prompts are back!!

If I had a freeway billboard, it would offer a brief bio.

Watch out, I-25! On any given weekend, Annie, aka Honey by her family and friends, may be headin’ your way. The queen of healthy mocha lattes requires scenic mountain havens and wide open spaces. This champion procrastinator and Doxxie wrangler will crave the company of mule deer, hoarding chipmunks, and chubby little nutcrackers. She travels with a pair of spoiled furbabies that require treats, endless walks, and lots of cuddles. She will drive Ruby, her faithful HHR (Honey’s Hot Ride). If you see this weekend explorer, remind her that she has lesson plans to create and endless papers to grade. If she grumbles, advise her that her pups have become accustomed to a particular lifestyle, and she needs this job to maintain their pampered way of life.

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