One Sassy Lass!

One of my favorite characters in my family tree was my great grandmother, Tamer Anna Payton Allen. She was born in the year of 1860 in Monroe County, Ohio. Her father was Francis Payton (1833-1891), and her mother was Sarah Alvira Hogue (1835-1902).  Continue reading “One Sassy Lass!”

Against the Odds


While researching information about blogs, I came across an old genealogy blog challenge for 2015 by Amy Johnson Crow.    Her blog challenges caught my attention, and I thought it would be fun to give it a try even though I am about 16 months late!

When I think of someone who made it when everything was stacked against her, I automatically think of my grandmother, Elva Marie Allen.  Although her life was not an easy one, she never complained, and she always had a smile on her sweet face.  Continue reading “Against the Odds”

And Then There was a Little Punkin

Today is my lovely daughter’s 35th birthday.  How did that happen?  Time flies that’s for sure.  Still, I have had 35 amazing years watching my daughter grow into a remarkable woman.  Continue reading “And Then There was a Little Punkin”

Happy Sibling Day

kids 1965 copy

In honor of Sibling Day, I decided to write about growing up with my four brothers, Tommy, David, Keith, and Danny.  As kids, we had a pretty great childhood.  We lived in an old Victorian House in Alameda, California.  It needed work, but it was the perfect place for a large family.   Continue reading “Happy Sibling Day”

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers

Even today, I envy my mom’s childhood, for her stories about life in Hotchkiss, Colorado sounded like something straight out of a western movie.  During the 1940’s, my grandparents, my mama, Aunt Jan, and my Aunt Barbara lived in a log cabin on their ranch out on Allen’s Mesa; the locals called it that since so many of the Allen family lived in the area.   Mama would tell us how in the evenings the family would sit in the living room and listen to the radio, and I can still hear her laugh as she explained it was like watching TV without the picture. The girls were expected to be quiet as the family would listen to their favorite stories. Continue reading “Dale Evans and Roy Rogers”

My Cowboy Grandpa: Tom Allen


My grandfather died when I was fourteen years old. My family was living in Alameda, California, at the time, a long way from Colorado, the place my grandpa called home. But, as always, I miss my ornery cowboy grandpa.

Continue reading “My Cowboy Grandpa: Tom Allen”

Oh My! We Really are Storytellers!


Stephen Crane, Emily Dickinson, Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Frost just a few of the famous authors, we are related to!  Yes!  I can’t believe it either! No wonder, our family loves telling stories and writing….It’s in the genes!  Continue reading “Oh My! We Really are Storytellers!”

Grandma, Tell me a Story!

Whenever my family would spend time with my grandparents, the gatherings always ended with someone asking, “Grandma, tell me a story.”

These enchanting tales included accounts of covered wagons heading west and real cowboys and cowgirls living on ranches on the western slope of Colorado. We heard stories about ranch life, sheep camps, and families helping families. Although the family no longer lived in that beautiful state, as children, we believed it had to be the most magical place in the world to live!

The adults, grandparents, aunts, uncles, mom, and dad would sit on the couch or remaining chairs while the grandchildren would sit on the floor, as close as they could to the woman they adored. No one wanted to miss a single word. Although we often heard the same tales repeatedly, we would still sit quietly and listen; we loved hearing about these adventures.

Sometimes, little ones would speak up and ask questions, or the other adults would chime in while giving their side of the story. Those days gave us a sense of pride and direction as we listened to the stories about how it all started.

Those precious days connected us to an extended family line we never even knew! Still, we loved our heritage and our stories. In my life, I have been blessed with little ones, grandchildren who call me Honey, and I wanted to preserve the old stories for all to enjoy.

I have dedicated this sweet journey to my precious little ones: my daughter Leslie and her husband, Aaron, and all my glorious grandbabies: Mathew, Cameron, Sierra, Jessica, Kylie, Connor, and Jaxon. I have always hoped you will enjoy these tales and the history of how it all began.

What’s the Word?

mama (1)Words. I love words.  I love reading words.  I love writing words.  Words make my heart beat faster.

By the time I turned four, my momma gave me a magical gift that literally changed my world; she taught me how to read.  It all began with sight words and treasure hunts, and I can still remember running around our large Victorian home while frantically searching for the day’s treasure. Sweet notes read, “Go the lamp,” with a picture momma drew of a lamp. Next note, “Go to the… treasure hunt adventure would continue until I found the note that sent me straight to my cherished gem.  Some days I would discover a new set of fancy barrettes.  Some days, I would find a sweet treat.  Fun ways to learn words and their meanings.  Continue reading “What’s the Word?”