The Case of the Lost and Found Grandma

If she had been murdered or kidnapped, something would have been mentioned in the local newspaper. Heck, at the time, newspapers printed everyone’s business: who’s visiting whom, who’s been hospitalized, and who’s up to no good. However, when it came to Alice (Manley) Cole, the newspapers were strangely silent. Maybe family lore was correct. However, since someone rarely disappears without a trace, I asked myself once again, “What happened to Alice?”

KTC has the most colorful and unique family tree, and her family tale about The Case of the Lost and Found Grandma is no exception. Enjoy.

Not Forgotten

Mac held Inga’s hand as they slowly made their way up to dirt road to the graveyard. Inga was not going to be able to do this much longer. The doctor had already told her that she needed to consider exercise that she could do safely at home. The doctor had also mentioned to Mac that he should also look for any opportunity for Inga to exercise her memory.