Home for me has several implications. It is doused in memories of the people and places that offer sweet memories of the past, joy in the moment, and all the promises for the future.  Life was not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination.  It was sometimes uneasy, and painful and raw; still, love found its way into my life and tangled my heart with many that I hold so dear.  Deep within, I know I have been blessed with the love and companionship of family and friends.  I have cherished them all.

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God’s Grace

As a child, my family met the kindest couple, Reverend and Mrs. Deacon. They were an older couple that just loved people in their church and their community. The husband and wife met my mom after my brother, David, decided to streak through the neighborhood one afternoon while riding a friend’s tractor. Soon after that crazy account, we were faithfully attending Sunday School at the Nazarene Church in Alameda, California.

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Counting Sheep

My brothers saw my mother in a whole new light. She had risen to the level of a superstar, in their little eyes, for she had become a kindred spirit; she had become one with the devilish delights of all that was disgusting, and my brothers loved her all the more for her repulsive juvenile inventiveness.

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December Themes

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The Storm Drain Adventure

If we could find one of the few survivors of this Halloween prank and get them to talk about it, they might say something like;

“It was my first Halloween night without a parent.  Mom had finally agreed to letting me go out with my friend Chris.  We were best friends in 3rd grade.  We were only going a few blocks from home and it was just dark enough that we knew things were supposed to get scary – but it was only Halloween and being really scared was only for the little kids.  The first 4 houses had been really nice and we were walking up Mountain View to the next neighborhood when I heard something strange from the street – only there wasn’t anything in the street.  It was quiet and empty.  “How could that be?” I wondered.

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