What makes your hometown unique?  Does it tug at you to return?  Or where did an ancestor call home?  Would you want to explore their stomping grounds?  Remember to describe in detail.  What did it look like, sound like, smell like?  How did it make you feel?  What were some of the local eateries?  Reminisce and don’t forget to share your stories. Continue reading “Hometown”

The Adventures in Leadership

Here’s another great tale from Gary A. Wilson.  Check out his latest, “My Penngrove Pivot.”

I dug my fingers and sneaker toe tips into the rock face and hoped that no wind would kick up to threaten my grip on this wet rocky wall. I paused just long enough to wonder what I was thinking when I slipped over the edge and began a free climb down this cliff.

Continue reading “The Adventures in Leadership”

A New Beginning

A new beginning and starting over can refresh and invigorate our lives.  Sometimes these moments transpire out of nowhere and can leave us feeling frustrated, frightened or alone.  Good or bad, change occurs often in our lives.  Share a time when your life changed, or share a time when an ancestor’s life went through a transition. Continue reading “A New Beginning”

Summer Traditions

During the lazy days of summer, what were your favorite summer traditions?  Did you head for the beach or take a family vacation?  Did you laze by the pool?  Maybe you would head to your favorite fishing spot or camp in the great outdoors.  Whatever your summer quest may have been, do not forget to share your stories.  Just upload in the comments section.  Happy writing!

August Themes

As the hot days of summer begin to fade, don’t forget to share your tales.  Now is the perfect time to to take an extra moment and write those stories.  Find a shady spot, grab a cool drink, and snuggle up in a favorite chair.  Remember to share your tales, so others may enjoy them too. Continue reading “August Themes”

We work Hard for our Money

This week it is all about jobs.  What is your occupation?  What would be your dream job if money was not in question?  Maybe you would like to share an occupation of an ancestor.  Did anyone in your family have an unusual career or one that is starting to fade as technology shifts and changes?  Share your tales here. Continue reading “We work Hard for our Money”

Help for Alan’s Anarchy: Daily prompts- read this first

Just when I thought all was lost!

AARDVARK: Alan's Ark (Rescued Dailyprompts Virtual ARK)

This blog is a way of ‘paying it forward’ to those bloggers who have followed my blog https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/ and liked my posts.

Warning: Links starting with flakback will link to my other blog.

Please read the guidelines and options for more Daily Prompts on this page: https://aaamazingphoenix.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/alans-anarchy-guidelines-more-daily-prompts/

This is a ‘proof of concept’ blog to show how a Daily Prompt style blog can be implemented using tSELRES_deef3cb1-e671-4639-8b16-54a309a466aeSELRES_64090fc6-8b0e-4c7e-a15e-a8c65113d8cfhe Dyad 2 WordPSELRES_64090fc6-8b0e-4c7e-a15e-a8c65113d8cfSELRES_deef3cb1-e671-4639-8b16-54a309a466aeress theme (now that the WordPress Daily Prompt site is no longer providing new prompts).

You will see a list of old prompts from the WordPress Daily Prompt site at the bottom of this page. You can also look at this list of old prompts.

Imagine a number of such blogs, connected by a “meta” blog to connect them together (a blog linking to the other blogs).

A list of Daily prompts is at…

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