A Pet From the Wild

I dug out an eye dropper and dad’s bottle of Wild Turkey and gave my mantel a few drops of bourbon. . .

Another sweet tale from Gary A. Wilson.  This time he shares a story about his beloved pet that he found on “the wild side.”  Come read about the mischievous adventures of a boy and his furry forest friend. Continue reading “A Pet From the Wild”

First Professional Job

Finally one honest soul stopped by and asked if that gal had indeed given me a brownie. “Yes, why?”

“They were laced with marijuana.”


Follow the crazy misadventures of Gary A. Wilson as he maneuvers work responsibilities and outrageous antics when he lands his first real job! Continue reading “First Professional Job”

Pets are Family

What would we ever do without our lovable companions?  Our furry sidekicks warm our days and steal our hearts.  Write about a family pet or ask an older family member about their favorite childhood pet.

Continue reading “Pets are Family”

My Hometown Island: Alameda, California


Sun swept beaches, glorious sunsets, fog horns sounding on cloudy mornings, and the calls of seagulls along the shores created the perfect hometown, and my childhood days passed on a perfect little island, nestled in the San Francisco Bay. Alameda had that hometown charm and the feel of a small town although Oakland and San Francisco were just miles away.

Although Alameda began as a peninsula, the powers that be decided they needed a canal to help expand the growing shipping industry. Work on this channel launched in 1874, and it was completed in 1902. Continue reading “My Hometown Island: Alameda, California”

What Could go Wrong?

It didn’t take long for them to put two and two together. They quickly discovered the swimming suits signaled that there were two females in the creek without of a stitch of clothing!  Laughing, they started cat calling…


When I was younger, Half Moon Bay was one of the best places to visit. The beaches were fantastic, and there were so many places to hike. Many local farms surrounded the area; it was just a great place to escape and enjoy the surrounding beauty. And it was only about 40 miles from home, so it wasn’t a long drive, and when you are a kid, that’s always a plus! Continue reading “What Could go Wrong?”