When Opposites Attract

One was quite outspoken. The other hated crowds and any social gathering that involved conversation. The two were total opposites, and their closest friends often wondered how Felice and Markus ever ended up together.

To put it simply, the two loved each other. Markus secretly told his bride that he fell in love the moment he gazed upon her heart-shaped face. She had delicate features and dark hair that contrasted with her ivory skin. But her eyes piqued his interest. Large chestnut eyes, almost black, reminded him of the sea caves on the island of Staffa. One look, and he drowned in her liquid pools. Although a sensible man, he instantly resolved to have fallen in love at first sight.

Felice was more cautious and took her time when she met Markus. In the past, she had succumbed to words of honey. An overabundance of flattery caused heartbreak. And worse, a blithering fool harped on and on about the useless follies of this world. As time passed, she found flirting to be a dreary sport. She often longed to skip the formalities and dive right into worldly matters of civil concern. Those conversations allowed a woman to see a fellow’s true nature. It cut to the chase, so to speak, and she could find the true measure of a man.

On the day the two met, Markus had unwillingly accepted an invitation to his aunt’s annual dinner for charity. This year, she sponsored a local school and wanted to help provide books for the newly built library.

His Aunt Eleonor was persuasive and refused to take no for an answer. “Goodness, Markus. How will you ever find a wife if you stay locked away in that dreary little flat in St. Andrews? Even a teaching professor needs to have some fun.”

To him, teaching was enjoyable and engaging. In class, the introvert blossomed, and he relished his hearty discussions on matters of philosophy and divinity. Outside of his beloved university, he tried to limit his verbal exchanges since he lacked social graces. In fact, he found most conversations with the fairer sex dull and tedious. Some wanted to converse about fashion or the weather. Others tried to follow the advice of female advice columns on how to catch a husband. No, thank you to both sides. Besides, he was positive they would not know what to do after they caught their unsuspecting spouse. In truth, he knew he was not an expert on the arts of matrimony, and he didn’t care to learn. Women were odd creatures that he believed lacked intensity regarding worldly matters. He had no desire to find a companion in which he would be required to participate in daily small talk and conversations to keep her happy. In that setting, He knew he and his beloved would become miserable creatures, stuck in a world of dreary talks and uncomfortable silence.

Still, as his eyes fell upon Felice, all his boisterous mandates of the ills of matrimony immediately fled. Once the first course began, he could not take his eyes off her. He sat in close proximity to observe the fawning men that tried to wheedle their way into gaining her attention. Their polite conversational skills bored her. Once the dinner ended, she politely excused herself as the guests made their way to the parlor.

The woman sighed as she contemplated making an escape. She knew her mother would fret if she left Elenor’s party so soon after dinner. The two older women were inseparable and acted more like sisters than childhood chums. Still, she could not fathom one more minute of useless discourse. No matter that the latest gossip even centered on the upper echelons of government society and the Marconi scandal. To her, greedy, selfish men were not a new product. This latest faction just happened to get caught with their hand in the jar. She quickly decided to endure her mother’s wrath over the aridity of hearsay on the latest parliament disaster.

When a servant offered assistance, Felice asked for her wrap and carriage. She politely instructed the young girl that she would like to wait in the entry hall until her ride could be attained.

Markus had watched her slide from view and witnessed her exchange with Maggie, her aunt’s young maid. After receiving her cloak, the elusive woman made her way to the lavish hall. She stood next to the window while waiting for her ride to appear.

Surprising them both, Markus spoke. “Are you leaving so soon?” He inquired. He was unsure what he would say next to the lovely woman.

Caught off guard, Felice stammered, “Why, yes, I am.” She eyed the tall, lanky man. He had light brown hair and kind eyes.

“That’s a shame,” he stated, surprising himself. “I was hoping we could become acquainted.

After his comment, he blushed, and his embarrassment over his admission was not lost on Felice. The young woman smiled and bluntly asked, “Why would you be interested in someone like me? We have never met, and you know nothing about me. I could be an intolerable sort of woman. For all you know, I may even be a common crook or a heartless murderess that slays unsuspecting men in their sleep.”

Markus laughed partly at her wild tales and candor and the amusement of his uncomfortable and reckless pursuit of this intriguing woman.

Markus smiled and responded, “I am willing to take my chances. “May I offer you a drink?” He inquired, for he was lost on what he should say next.

Her laughter warmed him, but she declined his offer. “I cannot go back to that party and listen to the men try to make small talk and polite conversation. I will simply die of boredom,” she honestly confided.

Could it be true? Was this woman a kindred spirit? Did she despise chit-chat and small talk as much as he? He knew he could not let her get away now! “Well, then, may I offer you a warm brandy before you leave? It is a frosty night, and my aunt would be upset if you caught a chill. We could, however, escape the dinner party and have a drink in the library.”

Delighted and intrigued by this gentleman, She stated, “So Aunt Eleanor is your auntie too. I will take your offer of brandy, so I can get acquainted with my newfound cousin.”

Laughing, he guided Felice into the library. He was ready to battle and discredit any notions of family and cousinhood. Yet, at once, he knew their conversation would be anything but idle and senseless. And though she knew she may be out of practice, she actually looked forward to flirting with this curious man. As Markus guided Felice to the library, the two began talking at once. Smiling, the couple knew they would enjoy an exciting evening with a captivating exchange meant for two.

Flash Fiction – Writing Prompt – Write a story about a couple.

What exactly is Flash Fiction, you ask?

While the definitions vary, flash fiction maintains three distinct types of writing. But as this writing genre grows and changes, don’t quote me! Tomorrow may be a whole new ballgame. I love, love writing!

  • Flash fiction: Max 1,500 words.
  • Sudden fiction: Max 750 words.
  • Drabble, or microfiction: Max 100 words.

Photo by James Bold on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “When Opposites Attract

  1. Fun stuff, but you left us hanging and need a chapter 2 – at least.
    Question: do you want or would you appreciate feedback. Several times in the past two years I got involved in giving and getting critical feedback.
    I’d like to offer some for your story but won’t presume on your interest.
    On the other hand I hope you know me as a devoted fan, so I might not be driven off with a stick. Your preference will drive me either way without injury.

    Liked by 1 person

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