Benjamin Andrews and Amy Cudworth

Benjamin Andrews (1775-1855)

Amy Cudworth (1779-1831)

 3X Great Grandparents



Benjamin Andrews

Birth 28 Feb 1775 Dighton, Massachusetts

Death 12 May 1855 Farmington, Michigan


Ebenezar Andrews

Birth 10 Jan 1726 Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts

Death 21 May 1808 Bristol, Ontario, New York

Mary Francis

Birth 11 Mar 1739 Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts

Death 1 May 1808 Bristol, Ontario, New York

 Amy Cudworth

Birth 22 Aug 1779 Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts

Death 19 Aug 1831 Farmington, Oakland, Michigan


Jesse Cudworth

Birth Jun 23, 1739 Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts

Death 20 Oct1830 Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts

Mary Paine

Birth 1738 Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts

Death Feb 8, 1817 Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts

 1850 United States Federal Census

Farmington, Oakland, Michigan

Family Members:

Benjamin Andrews 75
Thadeus Andrews 36


 Burial: Oakwood Cemetery  ~  Farmington, Oakland Michigan

bandrews oakwood




Amy Cudworth ~ 8 Feb 1817

37 years old

Benjamin Andrews ~ 12 May 1852

77 years old






Wife of Benjamin Andrews, married 1798.

She was the daughter of Jesse Cudworth 1739-1820, MA and Mary Elizabeth Paine 1738-1817, MA.

Mother of:

1. Joseph Andrews 1799, NY-1841, MI

2. Morris Andrews 1801, NY-1841, MI. He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Milford, Oakland, MI. FAG #137893481

3. Charles Andrews 1804, NY-1895, New Haven, Gratiot, MI. he is buried in New Haven Township Cemetery. FAG #28194311

4. Stephen Andrews 1806, NY-1889, MI

5. Ebenezer Andrews 1808, NY-died about 1868, Sonoma, California ( and

6. Thaddeus Andrews 1813, NY-1887, MI

7. Nathaniel C. Andrews born December 18, 1817, Bristol, Ontario, NY – ? He married Cornelia Jones about 1842. In 1850, they were living in East Bloomfield, Ontario, NY.

8. John H. Andrews 1820, NY – 1893, MI. Husband of Olive Jennings Andrews 1823-1848. Husband of Lucinda Starkweather. Children: Alice Pierce, Charles, Catherine Becker, Amy Nacker and Helen Josephine Gittins.

9. Helen Andrews 1823, NY-1856, MI.

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