Henry Enochs (1710-1784)

1710 ~Frederick, VA

14 Jun 1784 ~ Cacapon Stream, Hampshire, West Virginia,

6x Great Grandfather

Henry Enoch and his family, along with other families, were the early settlers in Hampshire County, Virginia, which now also encompasses West Virginia as well.  The Enochs were early frontiersman who were also involved the French and Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War.

American Revolutionary War

Name Lt. Colonel Henry Enoch I
Birth Date 1700
Death Date 1782
SAR Membership 64924
Role Ancestor
Application Date 9 Apr 1945

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Revolutionary War Militia Organization: Washington County, PA

(A redistricting occurred sometime prior to 22 Mar 1782 affecting

only the 2nd and 4th Battalions)


1781 – 1st Battalion Lt. Col. Henry Enoch


Morgan Township                                                 1st Company Capt. Andrew Ferley

Morgan Township                                                2nd Company Capt. Benjamin Stites

Monongahela between Whitley                      3rd Company Capt. William Crawford

and Muddy Creek, probably Big

Whitely in Cumberland or Greene

Township                                                              4th Company Capt. (John) Huston

 Cumberland Township                                    5th Company Capt. James Archer

Green Township                                                 6th Company Capt. John Guthery

Cumberland Township                                     7th Company Capt. Jesse Pigman

Amwell Township                                              8th Company Capt. John Miller


Enoch Land Survey written by George Washington

23 Apr 1759


 Survey Map by George Washington

At the fork of the Cacapon and North Rivers

23 Apr 1759

H enochs g washington

The 388-acre tract that Washington surveyed for Henry Enoch at the fork of the Cacapon and North rivers on 23 April 1750 became the site of Enoch’s fort during the French and Indian War.
Courtesy Princeton University, deCoppet Collection, W.W. Abbot, ed., The Papers of George Washington, Colonial Series, v.1, 1748-August 1755 (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1983), 24.

 Burial –

Capon Chapel Cemetary

Capon Bridge

Hampshire County, West Virginia

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Family Tree

Lt. Col. Henry Enochs (1710-1784)

Enoch Enochs (1750-1835)

Sarah Enochs (1773-1845)

Mary Polly Davis (1802-1866)

Sarah Hupp (1822-1914)

Henry Allen (1853-1942)

Tom Allen (1896-1975)

Dorothy Allen (1932-2006)

Annie Bryant (1961-

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