Henry Wadsworth Family Tree

Family Tree

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 – 1882)
5th cousin 4x removed

Zilpah Wadsworth (1778-1851)
Mother of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Peleg Wadsworth (1748-1829(
Father of Zilpah Wadsworth

Peleg Wadsworth (1715-1799)
Father of Peleg Wadsworth

John Wadsworth (1671-1750)
Father of Peleg Wadsworth

Abigail Andrews (1637-1723)
Mother of John Wadsworth

Henry Andrews 1608-1652)
Father of Abigail Andrews

Mary Andrews (1628-1700)
Daughter of Henry Andrews

Ebenezer Pitts (1669-1733)
Son of Mary Andrews

Mary Pitts (1705-1757)
Daughter of Ebenezer Pitts

Ebenezer Andrew (1726-1808)
Son of Mary Pitts

Benjamin Andrews (1775-1855)
Son of Ebenezer Andrews

John Andrews (1820-1893)
Son of Benjamin Andrews

Amy Andrews (1855-1938)
Daughter of John Andrews

Florence Catherine Knacker (1895-1943)
Daughter of Amy Andrews

Harold Leroy Reeder (1932-2004)
Son of Florence Katherine Knacker


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