General James Cudworth and Mary Parker


James Cudworth and Mary Parker

8x Great Grandparents

James Cudworth

Birth:  1612 ~ Aller, Somerset, England

Death:  1681 ~ London, England


Ralph Cudworth (1572-1624)

Mary Machell (!574-1635)

Baptism: 2 Aug 1612 ~ Aller, Somerset, England

St. Andrew’s Church, Aller, Somerset, England
Somerset, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1531-1812
James Cudworth


Mary Parker

Birth: 1615 ~ Axminister, Devon, England

Death:  Abt 1681


Jonathon Parker



Marriage:  1 Feb 1633 ~ Northam, Devon, England

England, Select Marriages, 1538–1973
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Arrival:  1634

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Family History










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Mary Parker Cudworth

Birth: 1606
Axminster, England
Death: unknown
Plymouth County
Massachusetts, USA

James Cudworth, Sr. married Mary Parker in Northam, Devonshire, England, 1 Feb 1633/4. While there is no direct evidence that this is the marriage record of the son of Rev. Ralph Cudworth who came to Plymouth Colony in 1634, the timing is ideal, relative to both James’ sailing and the birth of his 1st child. Northam is close to Barnstaple & there is no other “Cudworth” record in the Northam parish register.
James Sr. wrote in 1673: “My wife, as is well known unto the whole town, is not only a weak woman, but has so been all along, and now by reason of age, being sixty-seven years and upward and nature decaying, so her illness grows strongly upon her.” She died before 15 Sep 1681, as she is not named in her husband’s will.
They had 7 children: James, Mary Whitcomb, Jonathan, Israel, Joanna Jones, “a man child,” & Jonathan again.
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James Cudworth

Birth: Aug. 2, 1612
Somerset, England
Death: 1682, England

Born in Aller, Sommerset, England to Reverend Ralph Cudworth, a noted Puritan leader, and wife Mary Machell. Married Mary Parker at Northam, Devonshire, England. They came to Plymouth Colony by about 1630 and lived as Puritans, until he took a stance of tolerance toward the Quaker neighboring settlements, and he was shunned from the Puritan community of peoples.

James became a leader in Plymouth Colony militia, and even in his 70’s was active and awarded the honor of general at that late age, during the King Philip’s War – as Commanding General of Mount Hope Peninsula militia, along with William Bradford Jr. throughout the King Philip’s War.

However, James rejected the title of commanding general, he did accept the appointment of Deputy Governor to England. He died in London of small pox in 1682.

There is a historical marker in the center of the cemetery, sometimes called the Men of Kent Cemetery, honoring James and the other “Men of Kent” – Not all the Men of Kent were buried there. This marker honors their lives and contribution as founders of the village of Scituate.

The Mount Hope area was King Philip’s base of operation. It is near modern-day Bristol, Rhode Island, where the first battle of Kings Philip’s War occurred.

James Cudworth Sr.’s participation in King Philip’s War is mentioned in the book “Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and War” by Nathaniel Philbrick, published 2006.

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Therese Fenner Boucher  ~ 6 Aug 2011


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