Joseph LaDuke and Clarissa Amelia Frink

Joseph LaDuke and Clarissa Amelia Frink

3X Great Grandparents

Joseph and Clarissa Amelia La Duke with their twin daughters, Ella and Ellen.

Joseph LaDuke

3 Oct 1827 Saint Jean Baptiste De Rouville, Quebec, Canada

Dec 1904 Independence, Montgomery, Kansas


Joseph LaDuke

Birth 28 SEP 1799 Saint Jean Baptiste, 1654539, Quebec, Canada

Death 1890 Warren, Macomb, Michigan

Marie Eulalie Chicoine

Birth 19 JAN 1805   Rouville, Quebec, Canada

Death 1839 Canada

Clarissa Amelia Frink

21 Dec 1830 Cambria, Niagara, New York, USA

Nov 1892 Independence, Montgomery, Kansas, USA


Elias Frink

Birth 1796-09-24 Voluntown,New London,Connecticut

Death 1855-03-11 Warren,Macomb,Michigan

Hannah Carney

Birth 16 APR 1793 Upper Mt Bethel, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Death 1871-05-06 Warren,Macomb,Michigan,USA


May 1850 ~ warren, Michigan


Almira (1851)

Herman (1852)

William (1855)

Hannah (Anna 1857)

David Douglas (1859)

Ellsa (1862),my 2x great grandmother

Ella and Ellen (1865).


1850 US Federal Census

Joseph and Clarissa LaDuke ~ Sterling, Macomb, Michigan


1860 US Federal Census

Living in Warren, Macomb, Michigan with Clarissa’s brother Walter Frink


Walter Frink 33
Hannah Frink 68
Ellen G Frink 24
Joseph Laduke 33
Clarissa A Laduke 31
Almyra Laduke 9
Herman Laduke 8
Joseph W Laduke 6
Hannah Laduke 4
Elias Laduke 8/12

jladuke 1860


Civil War Service:

Joseph Laduke
18th Regiment, Michigan Infantry
M545 roll 23
US American Civil War Regiments

18th Infantry Regiment Michigan

26 Aug 1862 – Date of Organization
26 Jun 1865 – Muster Date
Fought on 15 Sep 1862 at Snow’s Pond, KY.
Fought on 23 Sep 1862 at Snow’s Pond, KY.
Fought on 25 Sep 1862 at Snow’s Pond, KY.
Fought on 15 Oct 1862.
Fought on 30 Jan 1863.
Fought on 24 Mar 1863 at Danville, KY.
Fought on 4 Aug 1863.
Fought on 12 Aug 1863 at Nashville, TN.
Fought on 13 Aug 1863 at Nashville, TN.
Fought on 24 Jun 1864 at Decatur, AL.
Fought on 27 Jul 1864 at Courtland, AL.
Fought on 24 Sep 1864 at Athens, AL.
Fought on 28 Oct 1864.
Fought on 3 Jan 1865 at Decatur, AL.
Eighteenth Infantry
( Three years)
The Eighteenth Infantry was organized at Hillsdale under the call of President Lincoln, issued July 2, 1862, for 300,000 men. The date of the call was a depressing one owing to the reverses that had overtaken General McClellan’s army on the
Peninsula. The regiment was assigned to the counties of Hillsdale, Lenawee and Monroe, and recruiting was so actively pushed that the ranks were filled and the regiment mustered into service August 26, 1862, with an enrollment of 1000
officers and men.The field, staff and line officers at organization were as follows:
Colonel, Charles E. Doolittle, Hillsdale; Lieutenant
Colonel, George Spalding, Monroe; Major, John W. Homer, Adrian;
Surgeon, Simeon P. Root, Somerset; Assistant Surgeon, Horace P.
Woodward, Blissfield; Second Assistant Surgeon, David S.
Stevens, Oakville; Adjutant, John C. Whippie, Monroe;
Quartermaster, James H. Pratt, Hillsdale; Chaplain, Dand C.
Curtis, Augusta.
A. Captain, Edwin M. Hulburd, Hudson. First Lieutenant, Myron W. Reed, Hudson. Second Lieutenant, James S. Riddle, Hudson.
B. Captain, James D. Hinckley, Adrian. First Lieutenant,
John Shelt, Rome. Second Lieutenant, George H. Wells, Tecumseh.
C. Captain, John W. Homer, Adrian. First Lieutenant
Charles R. Miller, Adrian. Second Lieutenant, Stephen A. Denison, Madison.
D. Captain, C. B. Van Valer, Hillsdale. First Lieutenant, Jacob O. Ames, Hillsdale. Second Lieutenant, James G. Bunt, Hillsdale.
E. Captain, Charles D. Stevens, Tecumseh. First Lieutenant, William A. Weatherhead, Tecumseh. Second Lieutenant, Edward H. Hoag, Tecumseh.
F. Captain, Theo. J. Hill, Exeter. First Lieutenant, Sheridan F. Hill, Eagle. Second Lieutenant, Stanley W. Turner, Hillsdale.
G. Captain, George W. Bullock, Jonesville. First Lieutenant, John R. Randall, Fayette. Second Lieutenant, Harman Bross, Canandaigua.
H. Captain, Richard P. Ingersoll, Dundee. First Lieutenant, Albert H. Babcock, Dundee. Second Lieutenant, Alonzo C. Clark, Hillsdale.
I. Captain, David A. Dodge, Tecumseh. First Lieutenant, William C. Moore, Medina. Second Lieutenant, Isaac O. Savage, Fairfield.
K. Captain, John J. Stevens, Monroe. First Lieutenant, Henry D. Spaulding, Monroe. Second Lieutenant, Henry C. Elliott, Monroe.
The Eighteenth left the state September 18, for
Cincinnati, Ohio, and its first active service was in the state of Kentucky. The Confederate General Pegram was in the state and the Eighteenth occupied several important places in advance of the Confederates and succeeded in saving cities and villages from being plundered by the enemy. After marching through Central Kentucky the Eighteenth was ordered to Nashville, Tenn., where it was engaged on provost duty from November, 1863, to June, 1864. During the summer and fall it did
garrison duty at Decatur, Ala., occasionally pursuing the Confederates when they approached that part of the state. At this date it formed a part of the First Brigade, Fourth Division, Twentieth Corps.General Wheeler raided through the state while the
Eighteenth was at Decatur and the regiment did excellent service in driving the Confederates away from important towns which the enemy tried to capture. A detachment of the Eighteenth consisting of about 200 men started from Decatur to
reinforce the garrison at Athens, but were attacked by General Forrest when near their destination with a force estimated at 5,000, and after fighting five hours, were surrounded and the entire command was captured with heavy loss in killed and
wounded. While guarding Decatur the forces under the Confederate General Hood advanced to meet General Thomas at Nashville and made a heavy attack upon Decatur.Colonel Doolittle of the Eighteenth was in command of the post and though his force was small the first day of the attack he managed by showing a bold front in beating the enemy off. He was reinforced the second day and the third day had 5,000
troops under his command and held his post against great odds and in the face of severe fighting. He was highly complimented by General Thomas for his brave and spirited defence.At Stevenson, Ala., the Eighteenth helped to build strong fortifications and was then ordered to Huntsville, Ala., where it did garrison duty until June 20, 1865, when it was ordered to Nashville for muster out. It arrived in Jackson, Mich., July 2 and was paid off and disbanded July 4. The paroled prisoners of the Eighteenth suffered severely by the explosion of the Steamer Sultana, a vessel engaged to take paroled men, convalescents and others from Vicksburg, Miss., north. The report of the disaster to the Secretary of War says 1,866 troops were crowded upon the boat and on the morning of the 27th of April, 1865, about an hour before day, when near Memphis, Tenn., the boilers of the steamer exploded creating an appalling tragedy. Those on board were hurled into the air by the force of the explosion and their mutilated bodies fell into the Mississippi. Of the 1,866 troops on the steamer, 1,101 were lost. The hundreds who were not seriously injured were thrown into the river and drowned. There were also 70 passengers and a crew of 85 and 137 of them were killed on the steamer or drowned. There were 68 members of the Eighteenth killed or drowned, and only a small number survived. The accident was made the subject of a board of inquiry, but the cause of the explosion was never learned. Most of the men killed had served long terms in Confederate prisons and had embarked on the Sultana with the expectation of soon being at home with their families and friends.The regiment participated in encounters with the enemy at
Danville, Ky., Feb. 24, 1863; Pond Springs, Ala., June 28, 1864; Curtiss Wells, Ala., June 24, 1864; Courtland, Ala., July 25, 1864; Athens, Ala., Sept. 24, 1864; Decatur, Ala., Oct. 24, Nov. 28, 1864.
Total enrollment……………………………………1,306
Killed by explosion of the Sultana………………………68
Killed in action……………………………………….8
Died of wounds…………………………………………3
Died in confederate prisons…………………………….12
Died of disease………………………………………208
Discharged for disability (wounds and disease)…………..122


1870 US Federal Census

Living in Warren, Macomb, Michigan with Clarissa’s brother Walter Frink


Walter Fink 43
Hannah Fink 77
Almina Laduke 20
William Laduke 16
Joseph Laduke 42
Clarica Laduke 41
Herman Laduke 18
Hannah Laduke 14
David Laduke 12
Elsie Laduke 8
Ella Laduke 5
Ellen Laduke 5


1880 US Federal Census

Living in West Cherry, Montgomery, Kansas

Occupation:  Farmer


Jos. La Duke 52
Clarisa La Duke 50
Elsa La Duke 18
Ella La Duke 15
Ellen La Duke 15
Ellen Frink 42
Walter Frink 53


1885 Kansas State Census

Living in West Cherry, Montgomery, Kansas

Occupation:  Farmer


Joseph Laduke 57
Clarissa Laduke 55
Ellen Laduke 20
Mabel Lastrussburg 2
Walter Frink 58
Ellen Frink 49

jladuke 1885 kansas.jpg

1900 US Federal Census

Living in West Cherry, Montgomery, Kansas

Living with brother-in-law:  Walter Frink

Joseph is a widowed

Occupation:  Farmer


Note:  Ellsa LaDuke Strassburg has passed, and some of her children are living with her father, Joseph LaDuke and her aunt and uncle, Walter and Ellen Frink.

Walter Frink 73
Ellen Frink 64
Joseph Lardeske 72
Mable Strausburgh (Ellsa’s daughter) 17
William J Strausburgh (Ellsa’s son) 15
Francis Strausburgh (Ellssa’s son) 13
Anney Strausburgh (my gr. grandmother) 8
Herman Strausburgh (Ellsa’s son) 5

jladuke 1900


Burial:  Choteau Cemetery ~ Independence, Kansas

jladuke2 copy

Photo by Dan Woodruff

jladuke copy


Photos by Don Sewell

Family Tree

Clarissa Amelia Frink (1830 – 1892) and Joseph La Duke (1827-1904)
3rd great-grandparents
Ellsa La Duke (1862 – 1898)
daughter of Clarissa Amelia Frink
Anna Strassburg (1892 – 1913)
daughter of Ellsa La Duke
Elva Marie Bryant (1908 – 1983)
daughter of Anna Strassburg
Dorothy Marie Allen (1934 – 2006)
daughter of Elva Marie Bryant
Ann Marie Bryant
daughter of Dorothy Marie Allen



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