Simon Bradstreet and Anne Dudley

Simon Bradstreet and Anne Dudley

8x Great Grandparents

Simon Bradstreet

Birth 18 Mar 1603 Horbling, Lincolnshire, England

Death 27 Mar 1697 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States


Simon Bradstreet (1580-1621)

Margaret Sawyor (1584-1631)

Anne Dudley

Birth 20 Mar 1612 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

Death 16 Sep 1672 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States


Thomas Dudley (1576-1653)

Dorothy Yorke (-1643)


Marriage – about 1628

Anne Bradstreet



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Colonial Family

Arrival:  1630



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Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet, stained glass; St Botolph’s Church, Boston, Lincolnshire, England

Poet. Born Anne Dudley to nonconformist parents Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke Dudley in Northampton, England. Her father was the steward for the Earl of Lincoln and afforded his daughter an unusually complete education. About 1620 she married Simon Bradstreet, her father’s assistant. On March 29, 1630, Bradstreet and her family sailed for the New World. After several years, they finally settled on a farm in North Andover, Massachusetts in 1644. Simon Bradstreet became a judge, royal councilor, and twice a governor of the colony. Anne Bradstreet became mother to eight children and wrote only privately. She was frequently ill and apparently developed a vaguely morbid mind set and was continually distressed by the culturally ingrained condescension toward women. Her first public work may well have been the epitaph she penned for her mother in 1643. Four years later, her brother-in-law carried a collection of her poems with him to England where he had them published. They appeared as ‘The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America, By a Gentlewoman of Those Parts’ in the New World in 1650. While it did sell in England, the volume was not well received in Massachusetts. Although she continued to write for herself and her family, no more of her work was published in her lifetime. She was purportedly buried in the Old Burying Point in Salem, Massachusetts beside her husband, though other locations for her grave have also been proposed. In 1678 her ‘Several Poems Compiled with Great Variety of Wit and Learning’ was posthumously published followed by ‘The Works of Anne Bradstreet in Prose and Verse.’ She is now considered the earliest of American poets and among the finest of her age. (bio by: Iola)

 U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current


Anne Dudley Bradstreet
1612 – 1672
Old Burying Ground, North Andover
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Old North Parish Burying Ground
North Andover
Essex County
Massachusetts, USA
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The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, 1847-2011


Royal Governor Simon Bradstreet (1679-1686, 1689-1692) Portrait by A. Tenney after original by unknown artist

Simon Bradstreet

Colonial Governor. Bradstreet received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cambridge’s Emmanuel College. He married Anne Dudley, who was the daughter of Puritan leader Thomas Dudley and later became the first published poet in North America. Dudley and Bradstreet relocated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 and Dudley was soon chosen to serve as governor. Bradstreet was involved in numerous business pursuits, most notably land speculation, and founded several new towns. He also filled several important positions in local and colonial government, including deputy governor. In 1661, he was chosen as envoy to the court of Charles II, confirming the colony’s charter when Charles assumed the throne of England after years of civil war. In 1679 Bradstreet was selected to serve as governor and held office until 1686, the last person to hold the position under the colony’s original charter. In 1686 the colony was denied its previously held right to self-rule, and Edmund Andros was appointed governor. After Andros was removed Bradstreet served again as governor from 1689 to 1692. Bradstreet was remarkably active even old age, maintaining his participation in government and his business pursuits almost until his death at age 94. The tomb in Salem, Massachusetts which contains the plaque memorializing Simon Bradstreet is a cenotaph. In the 1790s the Bradstreet family sold the tomb to the Hathorne-Ingersoll family, who removed and disposed of the remains inside to make room for new burials. In the 1890s researcher Robert Rantoul determined what had happened to Bradstreet’s remains. His research was published, which led to placement of a plaque in Bradstreet’s memory on the Hathorne-Ingersoll Tomb.  (bio by: Bill McKern)

U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current



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