Close to Home and Close to my Heart


This week’s challenge was to write about a story that hits close to home, so this week I wanted to write about my grandchildren. While, technically, I am not writing about an ancestor, I just could not pass this opportunity to share about each one, for they brighten my world. And it’s for them that I started this blog. 

Mathew – 17

Mathew is quite the young man who warms my heart with that sweet smile. He is the one that started calling me Honey when he was about 18 months old, and the name stuck. Now, in high school, Mathew really enjoys his welding classes, so he is checking out nearby community colleges. In just a few short years, my oldest grandson will graduate from high school.

Cameron 14

Cameron is our all around athlete, and he enjoys football, baseball, wrestling, hockey, and snowboarding. He plays the guitar, and he also likes to draw. Cameron has a real heart for family, and he loves to spend time with them as often as possible. This young man is so kind-hearted.

Sierra 14

Sierra is my spirited teenage granddaughter. Her favorite sport is volleyball, and she plays for the local high school team. She is also quite creative and artistic. Recently, she painted a mural of an angel in her room, and she enjoys the inventive trends of Hollywood style make up. When she was younger, she played the violin, and the flute. Now, she is learning to play the guitar.

Jessica 12

Our sweet Jessica is our free spirit in the family. Her smile and her laughter are contagious. Like her older sister, she also enjoys volleyball and has included basketball to the mix. Jessie also plays the guitar, and she started playing the drums this year too.

Kylie 10

Kylie is our youngest girl. She has a huge heart, and she is always looking out for her family. She enjoys spending time with her older siblings. And our little go getter also plays hockey for the local team.   Her older sister is teaching her to play the flute.

Connor 6

Connor is quite an adventurous young guy. He loves to hang out with his older siblings and help his dad around the house. Cameron’s smile lights up a room. He loves super heroes, and I love his stories. This young grandson tells the best stories in the world.

Jaxon 3

Jaxon is our baby, and yes he is quite spoiled! This little guy knows that he is pretty special. He loves to play with his remote control cars and trains. He enjoys being homeschooled with his older siblings too. His ornery laugh is pretty sweet, and he makes his grandparents feel pretty special too.


So there they are, my pride and joy!  I am so blessed to have these precious blessings in my life, and yes, I count it all joy!





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