Dreams of Yesterday

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She hadn’t really thought about him for years

although she could still remember the way

his smile lit up his face and reached into his

eyes…and how that stubborn curl refused to

stay put and draped across his forehead…that

masculine scent when she breathed him in…a

timbered voice whispering into her soul.  And

she knew she could never forget the way he

cradled her in his arms…oh…a life time ago.


Circumstances demanded that she remember this love,

this sweet dream.  If not, life would only be too bitter…too cold

since her husband slammed the door and carelessly and

caustically announced – I never loved you…not even a little.

Today, life played too hard and too unfair, but yesterday’s

memory of this love would sustain her.


At night, when she closed her eyes, she would drift to

another place, another time when she was young, and

first love blossomed into sunflowers and daisies, warm

and hopeful…when love was innocent and cast magical

spells…awakened youthful desires.  His memory wrapped

around her like a faded, yet treasured quilt, carefully stitched

together…it rejuvenated her spirit when loneliness seemed

hypothermic and tried to penetrate her soul…it comforted,

protected…for buried within love’s familiarity, the radiance

reminded of love’s promise.  Under the cover of darkness

and solitude, her heart warmed as she dreamed of yesterday…


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