The Elf on the Shelf

Sitting on this shelf, this pretty little elf.

With her inquisitive stare, bright eyes, and pouty smile, this sweet little elf, dressed all in red, has always been one of my favorite heirlooms. This elf on the shelf beauty was a doll my Mama received one year for Christmas when she was five years old.

According to Mama, Christmas time in her home was always exciting. The family would always search for the perfect Christmas tree and bring it home to decorate. When I was a child, I still remember some of the ornaments Mama would put on our tree that she saved from when she was a child.

mamas doll2 copy (1)

This Christmas in 1939 was during the Depression, and times were hard. While Grandpa worked on the ranch, Grandma cleaned houses for others in the community to help earn an extra income. Each year, the girls, my mom, and my aunt would receive one “big” toy and a stocking full of little gifts. That year, Grandma bought mom a secondhand doll. My mom always cherished this little gift and put it out each Christmas. So now, in my home, the little senior has found her special place, sitting safely on her little shelf.

5 thoughts on “The Elf on the Shelf

  1. You gave a great example on how people can tell their family’s stories through heirlooms. If people would only look around at what they own they would see a great family story right in front of them.

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