The Unexpected Road Trip: Birthday Surprise Party: July 18

Max and Mitzi

After the death of my brother David, I needed some time away. My daughter Leslie told me to come to the mountains for some R & R. Without much planning, I threw some clothes into my duffle bag, grabbed my puppies, and headed north to the small mountain town of Kremmling, Colorado.

My Girls, Sierra, Leslie and Kylie


Once I arrived, I was greeted by my daughter and four of my seven grand babies; the rest were visiting family. As I dropped my things in an empty bedroom, I realized that I wore my ugly sandals, the ones that looked cute online, and I ended up keeping because they were comfortable and cheap. “Ugh,” I told my three-year-old grandson, “I brought my ugly sandals.”

Mama and Jaxon

“I like your ugly sandals,” he stated in a cheerful voice. Why couldn’t life always be this sweet and innocent, I wondered as I pulled him in for another tender embrace. His hugs and loving spirit helped lessen the loneliness that still tugged at my heart since my younger brother’s passing.

That night my family surprised me with a belated birthday party. Balloons decorated the dining room chairs and a Gerber Daisy plant graced the dining room table. Jaxon found a princess tiara that I was instructed to wear for my special day. My daughter made my favorite treat, a black forest cherry cake, and each little one had a birthday surprise for me. Sierra created a fragrance warmer from pottery in the shape of a rose. Kylie made me birthday card that affirmed she loved me from the moon and back, and she included gift cards for Dairy Queen and Starbucks. Connor gave me a bouquet of silk flowers with a butterfly that will look amazing on my desk at school. And Jaxon found some citrus fragrance for my warmer. It was so wonderful to be at home with my family.










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