My Tales — January Themes



Do no forget to upload your stories in the comment section.  Can’t wait to see our stories!


Week 1 – (Dec 31 – Jan 6)

  • As you begin your new year, write about a favorite achievement that inspired you or made a significant difference in your life.

Week 2 – (Jan 7 – 13)

  • How did your parents or grand parents  meet?

Week 3 – (Jan 14 – 20)

  • Is there a political or civic leader that you admire – past or present?  What have you learned from this person?

Week 4 – (Jan 21 – 27)

  • Do you have family photos?  Which ancestor do you or your children resemble the most?

Week 5 – (Jan 28 – Feb 3)

  • Free – Pick your own favorite topic to write about.



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