Reeder Family Home

Today, while sorting family photos, I came across this picture. All I know about it is that my grandfather, Wilson Reeder, gave it my father, Harold Reeder. On the back of the photo, all that was written was my dad’s name. I know the picture was taken in Michigan, and I do know my family lived in Plymouth, but I am not sure where the photo was taken.

My grandparents’ names were Florence (Katherine) Knacker and Wilson Reeder.

My great, great-grandparents were Margaret McDonald and Gaylord Hampton Reeder.

If anyone has any information about this photo, please let me know. Thanks!


10 thoughts on “Reeder Family Home

      1. It does, but I have visited Michigan….yet…bucket list…so I do not know the area. I know my dad grew up in Plymouth, and at one point he lived in Ann Arbor, and so did my uncle. But unfortunately, my dad did not talk about his family. While I met some of his siblings, we never really knew each other because they lived so far away. Now, they are all gone. I wish I would have gotten to know them better.

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      2. Since the majority of my family history takes place in Michigan (at least once they arrived in the U.S.) I have an idea of how southern Michigan looked in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There is no doubt that the house COULD be Michigan, if it were in a rural enough area. But the land looks quite flat and I would have thought that Plymouth would have been pretty developed by then. So I just looked it up on my friend Wikipedia. Apparently Plymouth became a town quite late in the game–1932. So it really could have been Plymouth. And I remember a lot of flat land around Livonia, so maybe it is Plymouth!

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      3. Luanne! Oh my gosh thank you for taking the time to look up the information. I plan on looking at other resources, and this will really help me. You rock girlfriend! Can you tell I teach middle school? lol

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  1. Hello, cousin….. I am your dad’s niece-the daughter of hazel reeder riley. what a wonder to see my family’s faces on your blog.

    Joyce Riley Kowatch


  2. Hello!! This looks like the Reeder family home in Vickeryville, Michigan?? I know my cousin Sylvia would know? She is 96 but her memory of her grandparents is pretty good.

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