A Family Resemblance–Week Four

“As they shook hands, Conrad noticed Louis’ blue eyes and a powerful feeling struck him in the chest. He’d never seen those liquid blue eyes before…except behind his father’s spectacles…and in the mirror.

Conrad, The Last Lord of Paradise––Generation Five”
― Vivian LeMay


Do you have family photos? Which ancestor do you or your children resemble the most?

Week four – Find family members who maintain an uncanny resemblance!

Add you stories to the comments.

Strangely Familiar


Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “A Family Resemblance–Week Four

  1. My sister Barbara bears an uncanny resemblance to our paternal grandmother (well, her biological grandmother – not mine as I discovered I have a different biological father) We always just to laugh when she was younger that we already knew what she was going to look like when she was older and now that she is 80, she is almost identical to Grandma May. That just gave me an idea for a new post on my blog, thank you!! https://searchingforjudysfamily.wordpress.com/

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