Strangely Familiar

Photographs open doors to the past, but they also allow  a look into the future.

–Sally Mann

Mother and Daughter

To me, Leslie and Sierra look like the same baby!



Mother and Daughter

My girls, Leslie and Jessica – The two are close in age in these pictures.



Mother and Son

Mama and son could never deny one another; two peas in a pod!



Mother and Son

These two share that same ornery twinkle!



Mother and Daughter

A picture of me when I was sixteen,

and a picture of Leslie when she was in her early twenties.

Mother and Daughter

Pictures of two of my favorite women, my grandmother and my mother.

Grandma’s hair never went gray.




Mother and Daughter

Annie Strassburg, her daughter Elva Marie, and her 3x great grandaughter, Sierra Marie



Great Grandmother and Great Granddaughter

My Aunt Janice believes I look like my great grandmother.



Sierra’s 3x Great grandmother – a span of six generations

Annie Strassburg and Sierra Marie

To me, their resemblance is uncanny!




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