March Themes

What stories will the month of March reveal?  Share your stories, just upload in the comments! 


TAles of my FamilyMarch Themes copy

Week 10 – Home

  • This week’s theme guarantees to stir up so many stories and memories.  Write a tale about “the old country” or about your childhood home, or even your very first place of your own.  Describe the setting and use those sensory details!

Week 11 – Family Photo

  • Select one of your favorite family photos and describe it.  What time of the year was it?  Why is this photograph special?

Week 12 – Starting Over

  • Do you have ancestors who left family behind as they moved to a new location?  Were they frontiersmen or pioneers?  Did they sail to a new land?

Week 13 – Common Ground

  • Do you have any talents, hobbies, or favorite pastimes in common with your parents or grandparents?  Think about a love for the outdoors, music, writing, or gardening.  The list of possibilities is endless!

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