The Versatile Blogger Award

1Through my blog, I have been blessed to meet writers that share the same passion for family research and family stories. One of my favorite bloggers, KTC from Princes, Paupers & Pilgrims: Our Predecessors & Me, has generated a unique site that shares family narratives with great detail. Her creative endeavors have continued to showcase a range of stories that travel across many generations. Recently, my friend nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Without a doubt, her kindness gave me a sense of accomplishment as I share my own tales.

To accept this award, I must pay it forward. First, I must thank the person who nominated me. Bless you, KTC for thinking of me!

Next, I must list seven things about myself –
1. My parents had five children, and I am the oldest child and the only girl.
2. For nearly twenty years, I have taught school. Currently, I teach reading and writing, which I immensely enjoy.
3. Without a doubt, I am blessed with seven grandchildren that call me Honey, my favorite name.
4. One of my goals is to “someday” write a book. Although I have started two, my crazy schedule keeps me busy.
5. For almost forty years, I have lived in the beautiful state of Colorado, my own little slice of heaven on earth.
6. When I am out and about, I love taking pictures, and I want to start working on my photography skills again.
7. For almost three years, I have enjoyed the companionship of my two sidekicks, Max and Mitzi. They are my miniature dachshunds that have stolen my heart and my bed, in that exact order.

Finally, I must honor and recognize 15 other bloggers too. Here are a few of my favorite sites.


  2. True North Nomad
  3. Everyone Has a Story
  4. Beauty Beyond Bones
  5. Covert Novelist
  6. aspoonfulofsugar337
  7. Shail’s Nest
  8. Reflections for my Soul
  9. Heaven’s Sunshine
  10. Colorado Sunrise
  11. astoneronarollercoaster
  12. Book ‘Em, Jan O
  13. Pastries, Pics & Politics
  14. Gary A Wilson’s Stories in a Dime of Time
  15. My Garden ~ a Kiwi’s take on life

Whether or not you choose to accept this award, I wanted to let you know that your blog has special meaning to me and deserves to be recognized for all of your hard work and dedication.



6 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. This is such a great idea. Thank you Ann Marie for your nomination. As we discussed, I’m very new to blogging and have only begun to venture out and taste the offerings of other bloggers. Of these early wanderings, your blog was the first one I decided to follow, because if one must grow up, it would be best to find someone to model your own efforts after. You have opened up a clear path to quality, and I’m going to try to be a good student in pursuit of your example. I’ve decided that I will hold on accepting until I can meet all the requirements and all I have left to work on is a list of other bloggers I want called out. Stand by. I’ll be back soon to claim your generous offer. Many thanks.

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