The Versatile Blogger Award

1Through my blog, I have been blessed to meet writers that share the same passion for family research and family stories. One of my favorite bloggers, KTC from Princes, Paupers & Pilgrims: Our Predecessors & Me, has generated a unique site that shares family narratives with great detail. Her creative endeavors have continued to showcase a range of stories that travel across many generations. Recently, my friend nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Without a doubt, her kindness gave me a sense of accomplishment as I share my own tales.

To accept this award, I must pay it forward. First, I must thank the person who nominated me. Bless you, KTC for thinking of me!

Next, I must list seven things about myself –
1. My parents had five children, and I am the oldest child and the only girl.
2. For nearly twenty years, I have taught school. Currently, I teach reading and writing, which I immensely enjoy.
3. Without a doubt, I am blessed with seven grandchildren that call me Honey, my favorite name.
4. One of my goals is to “someday” write a book. Although I have started two, my crazy schedule keeps me busy.
5. For almost forty years, I have lived in the beautiful state of Colorado, my own little slice of heaven on earth.
6. When I am out and about, I love taking pictures, and I want to start working on my photography skills again.
7. For almost three years, I have enjoyed the companionship of my two sidekicks, Max and Mitzi. They are my miniature dachshunds that have stolen my heart and my bed, in that exact order.

Finally, I must honor and recognize 15 other bloggers too. Here are a few of my favorite sites.


  2. True North Nomad
  3. Everyone Has a Story
  4. Beauty Beyond Bones
  5. Covert Novelist
  6. aspoonfulofsugar337
  7. Shail’s Nest
  8. Reflections for my Soul
  9. Heaven’s Sunshine
  10. Colorado Sunrise
  11. astoneronarollercoaster
  12. Book ‘Em, Jan O
  13. Pastries, Pics & Politics
  14. Gary A Wilson’s Stories in a Dime of Time
  15. My Garden ~ a Kiwi’s take on life

Whether or not you choose to accept this award, I wanted to let you know that your blog has special meaning to me and deserves to be recognized for all of your hard work and dedication.



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