July Themes

Come share favorite memories.  Upload stories here.






Week 27 (July 1-7) ~ Occupation

Week 28 (July 8-14) ~ Summer Tradition

Week 29 (July 15-21) ~ Starting Over

Week 30 (July 22-28) ~ Hometown

Week 31 (July 29-Aug 4) ~ Writer’s Choice


7 thoughts on “July Themes

  1. Hello Ann Marie,

    It’s a new month and I wanted to check the writing challenges for July.

    I think the latest essay I mentioned to you would apply for this first week. Almost 22 years ago, I was promoted to my dream job of building and managing a team of technical support engineers, it was going great until one of my new hires found herself in trouble.

    I think you’ll find this an inspiring event as I still do to this day.

    Please let me know what you think of: Jacquie’s Story.

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  2. Hi Ann Marie,

    I have a second possible candidate for July. For the week of July 15 (Starting Over) I wrote up some of the adventures I had with a church youth group in a small nearby town. I almost got a couple of them killed and took this fact to heart to learn something about leading people. If angels are ever assigned guard duties – I sure kept a couple busy.

    Please check out: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/my-penngrove-pivot/
    and let me know if you think it meets your needs.

    Thank you for sharing some of my previous stories. You have so many wonderful readers and I’m honored to be able share my essays with them.

    Warmest regards,

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  3. Good Day good lady, Okay, what’s wrong with that URL above. What looks like the correct URL worked for me, but I tried to send it to you via my WP phone app rather than cracking open the laptop and it gave me grief. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were strange, unprintable characters in the link that would, of course, break it. Anyway, please accept my warmest greetings for the morning, my smile at finding you in my notification list and this (hopefully) cleaned up URL to my water adventures essay. Let me know if it still misbehaves and I’ll do deeper surgery.


    1. Along with a visit to the pool where I had my first experience with a high dive, as one from Colorado, I hope you enjoy visiting the California Pacific ocean coastline with me again and this time, we’ll get very wet.playing with a couple of sea monsters.


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