In Honor of Father’s Day

“Grandpas bring a little wisdom, happiness, warmth, and love to every life they touch”

Today I wanted to honor my father and grandfathers through a collection of photographs.  These men came from different cities and even different countries. They came from small towns, farms and ranches, each unique in their own way.  Meet the men in my life!

My Father’s Family

My father ~ Harold Reeder

Birth 08 July 1932 Plymouth, Wayne, Michigan

Death 14 June 2004 Ilwaco, Pacific, Washington

Dotty Allen Reeder, Harold Reeder, and Ann Marie Bryant – 1961

My grandfather ~ Wilson Reeder

Birth ABT 1885 Michigan

Death Oct 1964 Michigan, United States

Wilson Reeder

Father an Son ~ Harold and Wilson Reeder

Harold and Wilson Reeder – about 1939

My Great Grandfather ~ Gaylord Hampton Reeder

Birth 2 Feb 1842 Bloomfield, Jackson, Ohio, United States

Death 18 Oct 1918 Bushnell Twp, Montcalm, Mid Lothian

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 8.01.34 PM
Gaylord Hampton Reeder

My Great Grandfather – Frank Knacker

Birth 21 May 1848 Germany

Death 27 May 1917 Eloise, Wayne, Michigan

1 (1)
Frank Knacker

My 2x Great Grandfather – John Andrews

Birth 1820 Bristol, Ontario, New York

Death 1893 Farmington, Oakland, Michigan

John Andrews
Lucinda Starkweather Andrews, John Andrews and their children

My 8x Great Grandfather – Simon Bradstreet

Birth 18 MAR 1603 Horbling, Lincolnshire, England

Death 27 MAR 1697 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony

Simon Bradstreet

My 9x Great Grandfather – Thomas Dudley

Birth 12 Oct 1576 Northhampton, England

Death 31 July 1653 Roxbury Massachusetts Bay Colony

Thomas Dudley


My Mother’s Family

My grandfather – Tom Allen

Birth 6 Aug 1896 Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado

Death 1 Sept 1975 Martinez, Contra Costa, California

2 (1)
Tom Allen

My Great Grandfather – Henry Allen

Birth 4 Apr 1853 Monroe, Ohio

Death 12 July 1942 Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado

Henry Allen

My 2x Great Grandfather – David Allen

Birth 4 Mar 1810 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania

Death 1896 Hotchkiss, Delta, Colorado



My Grandfather – William Bryant

Birth 7 Jan 1889 Macomb, McDonough, Illinois

Death 4 June 1966 Fresno, Fresno, California

William Franklin Bryant

My 2x Great Grandfather – William Strassburg

Birth 9 Jan 1862 Prussia, Germany

Death Mar 1952 Gunnison, Colorado

William Strassburg and his children

My 3x Great Grandfather – August Frederick Strassburg

Birth 15 Oct 1822 Prussia

Death 05 Sept 1879 Hamtramck, Wayne, Michigan

August Frederick Strassburg and Eva Mudth Strassburg and their children

My 3x Great Grandfather – Joseph LaDuke

Birth 3 Oct 1827 Saint Jean Baptiste De Rouville, Quebec, Canada

Death Dec 1904 Independence, Montgomery, Kansas

Joseph LaDuke


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