October Themes

The month of October offers so many opportunities to write about “a few of our favorite things!”  With the smell of wood burning and the sound of crackling fires, it reminds me of home and stories that I would share with my daughter.  There’s just something magical about this time of year!


Week 39 – (Sept 30 – Oct 6) – Fall Traditions
  • What is a favorite fall tradition?  Share your story or one about a parent or grandparent.
Week 40 – (Oct 7 – 13) – Heirloom
  • Time to share about another favorite item.
Week 41 – (Oct 14 – 20) – Writer’s Choice
  • What’s on your heart?  Share a favorite tale.
Week 42 – (Oct 21  27) – Halloween
  • Share a favorite memory or share a spooky tale.
Week 43 – (Oct 28 – Nov 3) – Childhood
  • What was your favorite childhood pastime? Or what was an ancestor’s favorite childhood activity?

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