October Themes

The month of October offers so many opportunities to write about “a few of our favorite things!”  With the smell of wood burning and the sound of crackling fires, it reminds me of home and stories that I would share with my daughter.  There’s just something magical about this time of year!


Week 40 – (Sept 30 – Oct 6) – Fall Traditions
  • What is a favorite fall tradition?  Share your story or one about a parent or grandparent.
Week 41 – (Oct 7 – 13) – Heirloom
  • Time to share about another favorite item.
Week 42 – (Oct 14 – 20) – Writer’s Choice
  • What’s on your heart?  Share a favorite tale.
Week 43 – (Oct 21  27) – Halloween
  • Share a favorite memory or share a spooky tale.
Week 44 – (Oct 28 – Nov 3) – Childhood
  • What was your favorite childhood pastime? Or what was an ancestor’s favorite childhood activity?

7 thoughts on “October Themes

  1. I’ve struggled with last week’s topic of the heirloom some. Nothing seemed to bot fit the topic and lend itself to good story – so I offer this stretch essay. My father got me started on scuba diving and gave me the gear needed from his surplus. It took me to an interesting adventure that I hope you and your readers will enjoy. It’s simply titled: Learning to Scuba, and is one of those, “I’m glad I lived to write – kind of stories. Please consider: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/learning-to-scuba/

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  2. On the other hand, I do have something that is very different than some of my other stories in that it involved a most undesirable summer job I took to pay for college. It has lots of elements, funny memories, scads of tools and safety gear, surprises and a rare scrape with death. As a pack of memories – this one might be hard to beat. Would you check it out and see if your readers might enjoy my “Adventures in the Ships’s Tanks”?


  3. I’m really losing it I guess, I should have added, somewhere – that I intended to offer “Adventures in the Ships’s Tanks” for “Writer’s Choice” week. I sent it in early because this week is my quarterly death-by-long-hours-project week. I’m knee deep in it, but I also promise myself both physical and mental breaks and anything from “Tales of a Family” counts. Blessings Ann Marie

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