School Daze

Did your grandparents have a favorite tale about school?  Did your parents find themselves in the principal’s office?  Or do you have a favorite tale from your own school memories?  Share your stories here!







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8 thoughts on “School Daze

      1. Although I am a public school teacher, I truly believe homeschooling is a great choice for families that are committed to this lifestyle. In fact, as schools have changed over the years, I am really thankful that she has taken this route.

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      2. We could have yet another fascinating conversation on this one topic. You – I can safely assume, are one of the gems that students no doubt recall for the rest of their lives. I can tell these things you know.

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  1. But on the topic of “School Daze”, could there be any more iconic opportunity for school-related life-weirdness than our High School Prom? The first gal I convinced myself I stood some chance of taking turned me down flat – ugh. But later a much stranger opportunity came my way and if someone told me that this happened to them, I don’t think I’d believe it. But it did happen and it happened to me. I think I have a barely believable story for you in my “Prom Date Adventure.” I hope you like it and stop cringing after a couple of hours. . .

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