2 thoughts on “The T Swing Adventure

  1. Hello Ann Marie,
    It’s a lovely Sunday here North of San Francisco and south of any number of raging forest fires.
    We just got out of church where a good friend of mine the associate pastor was preaching about rejection.
    Anyway it occurred to me that I’m really thankful for you sharing my stories with your readers. I don’t think I’ve got a complex about rejection but I try to never miss a chance just to say thanks just because. Hope this finds you well and loving life.

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    1. Gary Wilson, you are such a dear friend and just a kind human being! I am so thankful that we crossed paths.

      I enjoy your stories, and so do my readers. You have a flair for writing, and I hope you continue with your craft.

      It saddens me to hear about the fires in California. We still have a few here in Colorado; one is near my daughter’s home, and I worry about the safety of my family.

      Thank you for thinking about me and thank you for your kindness. I am enjoying my Sunday. I am just finishing up on my laundry and grading papers. My pups are through with my schedule for the day and will not leave me alone, so it’s time for our evening walk. I will enjoy the sunset as it begins its descent behind “my” Rocky Mountains. Life is good.


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