Funny Family Tales

What hilarious escapades took place at home when you were a child?  Or what comedy of errors did an ancestor fashion?  Or perhaps you have a favorite tale of your own to share with your children.  Upload your stories here and share your tales with us!


The Tales

Gary a. Wilson   The Battle with my Dad Adventure

Tales of a Family   The Gift of the Magpie


13 thoughts on “Funny Family Tales

  1. My husband likes to tell our kids about the time his family all left him at home on accident. He comes from a large family, so there was often head-counting to keep them all straight.
    They didn’t travel far before realizing his absence and returned home to find him sitting on the counter, watching cartoons, and eating a homemade peanut butter sandwich. I believe he was 7 years old at the time.

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    1. Oh that is too funny. We did that too one time with my grandson. I was visiting my daughter when she and her family lived on a farm. We were rushing to town, and we were chattering a mile a minute. Mathew opened the gate, and we drove through and just kept going. One of my grand daughters tried telling us. When we realized what we had done, my daughter flipped the van around. He was crying by the gate. He was about seven r eight at the time. Long story short, grandma bought everyone ice cream, and my little man got an extra scoop.

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  2. Good day Ms. Ann Marie. I don’t think I ever shared this story with you, but it is classic boys being boys and in this case, one was the dad and the other his son. Anytime I had an excuse to be up on our roof – it was a good day. I invite you to check out my: I hope you get a decent “Boys. . . !” style grin from it.

    Hope this finds you fully well and loving life.

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      1. Hi Ann Marie. In prowling about my WP setup, I think I found something I need to fix. I’m pretty sure that, as one of the first bloggers I followed, I used an older email address to follow you, thus insuring a delay in my hearing about your posts. This is definitely inconsistent with my desires, but I don’t see how to fix it without WP telling you that I’m going to un-follow from that old address, so I can re-follow from the newer one. I don’t want to risk being misunderstood because your work and friendship are one of the best things that has come from my starting my blog and don’t want my connection with you to be anything less that the best setup on my side. Perhaps, WP won’t alert you – I don’t know, but when it comes to valued friends, I’m very risk adverse. Warmest regards, Gary

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