Adventures in Trespassing

Doors, almost any door marked Private, Employees Only or blatantly No Trespassing were an early weakness of mine. This doesn’t mean that I went out of my way to violate each and every one, but where I had to accomplish something or was extremely curious, I was subject to this character flaw.

There’s just something endearing about venturing into the private world of intriguing places, especially when it is off limits… Continue reading “Adventures in Trespassing”

The Invention of the Sauna

I awoke very early and listened carefully. Was anyone awake? It was early Saturday morning, early fall and suddenly I could hear the furnace firing up, a sharp, small but clear explosion followed by the spinning up of the blower before settling down to only a quiet background hum, but no evidence of consciousness. The adventure awaited me, calling gently for my prompt attention. Keenly listening for anyone else, I pushed back my covers and crept into the night.

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October Themes

The month of October offers so many opportunities to write about “a few of our favorite things!”  With the smell of wood burning and the sound of crackling fires, it reminds me of home and stories that I would share with my daughter.  There’s just something magical about this time of year! Continue reading “October Themes”