Conquering came in measured steps

in a mountain hamlet on a dusty road.

Victory savored autumn’s best

with no regrets with my daughter’s presence.

Hope overcame a pain filled past.

Each step afforded a new adventure

measured in laughter and adventurous joy.


Triumph lifted this hopeful heart

and washed away the past

that kept me imprisoned in darkness

when I dreamed of freedom

in carefree motion

as I took each stride for granted.


Today bequeathed a love offering

a sense of renewal

a timeless remembrance.

Rejoicing in the simplest pleasures

breathing in the pine filled air

and sauntering among mountain beauty.


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I know I am behind, but this weekend I enjoyed a mountain get-away with my daughter.  And wifi in the mountains was hit and miss.  Yesterday’s adventure gave me such a sense of peace and joy.  We glimpsed falls colors among mountain ghost towns.  And today, I walked without a constant companion – chronic pain.  And I was blessed with this gift of enjoying my day with only child, my daughter, Leslie.


Day 6 was all about conquering, which was the perfect topic for a glorious day!








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