December Themes

This time of the year brings back so many memories of family and love and joy.   There’s just something magical in the air when the days are frosty, and little pleasures can be found in cups of hot chocolate and conversations with those that warm our hearts and shape our lives.


Week 49 – (December 2 – 8) – Writer’s Choice

  • Pick a favorite tale and share with your family.

Week 50 – (December 9 -15) – Christmas Ornament

  • Do you have a treasured ornament or decoration that holds a special place?  Do you have a memory of a special ornament that hung on your grandparent’s tree?  Share your memory here.

Week 51 – (December 16 -22) – Customs

  • Does your family maintain holiday customs passed down through the years?
  • Or research and discover customs from ancestral homelands

Week 52 – (December 23 -29) – Christmas Magic

  • Share a favorite Christmas memory



4 thoughts on “December Themes

  1. I wish that I had some stories that I could share for this month’s theme, butI don’t. Christmas has never been a Hallmark-type of holiday for me, you see:

    Some of the stories that I do have, although funny, involve family members who would not appreciate me “telling everyone” about their faux pas and foibles. No worries, though… the season is still early; maybe I will have something shareable soon. 🙂

    Until then, may you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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    1. I am so sorry that I have been so slow at responding. Life has been crazy; work even crazier. I have not even had time to keep up with my blog which is a shame since it keeps me semi-sane….lol. Holidays can be rough. This year, I took a leave of absence for Thanksgiving and I will take another one at Christmas…need time to recoup, rest, and relax. Growing up, my life was not perfect….far from it….my dad was an alcoholic….but when I started sharing the stories and the histories of my family, it has started to help me heal. When I think about my dad, I almost feel as if I am focusing on three different men…the alcoholic/abuser, the sweet guy on the wagon/scout master/ and the man that disappeared for 20 years until he decided to make another appearance. I am grateful that we talked on the phone and made our peace before he passed. So my dear lady…please share your stories whenever the notion takes flight. I love your stories, and I am sad that I have not even had time to read them for the last month and a half!

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      1. Sadly, it looks like we share much more than just “kindred connections.” Trust me when I say that I understand how difficult it is to grow up with a parent who chooses alcohol over family.

        It is especially hard to reconcile the many facets of that parent (some good, some bad.)

        Although alcoholism and abuse taint everything, I am glad that you made peace with your father before he died. Anger and pain only eat away at the soul. Better to let them go, so that you can live your life fully.

        Blessings to you!

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