5 thoughts on “Grandmother Catherine

  1. Hello, Ann,I loved the way you spoke of your dad and his love of his mom. I remember your dad as kind and happy.Just saw his photo in the Navy uniform yesterday.Thank you. I have never heard her called Catherine before.Mom told me that the choices for my name were Florence and Joyce.Maybe I would be Catherine also if she had chosen Florence.I am enjoying your tales of a family.Hugs to you. Joyce (Catherine) Riley Kowatch.

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    1. I am glad that you are enjoying my blog. I find it interesting we have different stories. I laugh since often my brothers and I have different point of view too. In fact, it wasn’t until I was older and started researching that I discovered her first name was actually Florence. My dad was pretty tenderhearted. Unfortunately, he also had some rough spots too. He was an alcoholic, but for a few years he stopped drinking. Wish his life would have been easier for him.


    1. Yes, it is a small world! Years ago when I lived in another little town, my uncle that lived in Plymouth MIch for a visit. One day, he and I went out to lunch at the local cafe. While we were there, he run into an old friend from Plymouth that he had not seen in some time. They laughed about how they had to come to Colorado to see one another.

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