Happily Ever After

“I don’t want to wait to get married! Let’s do it now!

Not to brag, but I have had a few marriage proposals in my life, and one time, I actually walked down the aisle. Still, that proposition did not turn out to be my “happily ever after,” at least not in the traditional sense. Thankfully, it led me on another joyous path and a perfectly sweet union that has made my life wonderfully complete, and in turn, I found the love and happiness that many women seek.

This story starts in the year 1996 with another love story, the romance of two high school sweethearts. The young couple spent many hours together, and young love blossomed, but like many love stories, the two went their separate ways when the young man left for college. The young man met a woman from school, they married, and started a little family. The young woman caught the attention of a young soldier, they married, and also started a little family.

Still, life had other plans for the two families. The man’s wife passed, and the young woman and her husband divorced. But in 2012, the high school sweethearts found one another once again. The families blended, and the couple set a date to marry.


About two months before the marriage was to take place, my future grandson, Connor that was three at the time, stated, “When Dad marries Leslie, she will be my mom.” I smiled and nodded in agreement while scanning his perfect little face.

“And when Dad marries Leslie, you will be my Honey.” My heart melted as it always did when he called me by my gramma name.

“I will,” I replied as he snuggled into my lap.

“Honey?” he questioned, “I don’t want to wait to get married.! Let’s do it now!”


As my heart filled with overwhelming love for my grandson, I agreed. “Okay. Connor, Let’s get married. I promise to love you forever and ever and always be your Honey.”

Excited, my little man shouted, “Me too!” And with that he gave me a hug, jumped from my lap, and went running through the house while telling everyone in his path, “We did it! Me and Honey got married.”

Yep! Sweetest proposal ever, and after all these years, I am still one proud grandma that loves my Connor to the moon and back. Guess, this grammie did find one loving little prince and one very special and magical “happily ever after.”

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