12 thoughts on “May Themes

  1. Hello Ann Marie. I think I have a “curve ball” for your early June. I did not have all the facts straight until just a few days ago, but once in-hand, I was able to finish and post a new story. Gotta admit, I found myself thinking, who do I know that might have enjoyed this crazy day and your name came to mind. Let me know if I was right, but otherwise I hope you enjoy the story of: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/helping-her-reach-higher/

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    1. oh my, I went from smiling, to sitting on the edge of my seat, to crying, to thinking about what a kind and wonderful person you are! Gary A. Wilson, I am blessed to call you my blogging buddy!


      1. Hi Ann Marie.
        Thanks for this feedback, but I would have argued that I’m the fortunate buddy in this relationship. You have always been so kind to this new student of blogging.


  2. absolutely!!!! With four brothers and the only girl in my neighborhood that would take a dare, you bet! My poor parents didn’t know what to do with their daredevil daughter! Too bad, we never crossed paths while living in Northern California. I am sure we would have given our parents a few more gray hairs! 😉


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