IDK, What Do You Want To Do

I came away with my own answer to the question of what I wanted to do that day. I wanted to keep living carefree days just like this one, for as long as possible.

I called his name as loud as I could because from inside this wide culvert, beneath the street, the walls would both distort and limit the range of my voice. He would certainly come with enthusiasm if he heard me and for this idea, his enthusiasm was the whole point. Quickly, he appeared well down the tree-covered creek, but he couldn’t see me in the shadow, so I called him again and he sprang to follow my voice, accelerating as fast as he could as I knew he would. As soon as he was inside, he was able to see me and ran even faster. ‘Oh Skip’ I thought. ‘I love you dearly, but you can be such a sucker some times’ as I stepped aside to the concrete wall and let the laws of physics take over to finish this stunt.

Gary A. Wilson – IDK, What Do You Want To Do

Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

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