October Themes

For October, the themes include family tales and scary stories. Enjoy and happy writing.

Sorry everyone that I have not kept up with the My Tales Writing Challenge. This year, my job as a middle school teacher has taken much of my time and energy since I have more responsibilities and larger class sizes. As a language arts teacher, the grading is never ending!

In addition, for the past two months, my back pain has flared up once again, and in all honesty, it takes a toll on me. With this latest recurrence, I get up wit the chickens, so I can start my day with stretches and warm-ups. By the end of the day, I am exhausted, so bedtime now comes at an earlier hour.

With the latest changes, I do not have the time or the energy to stay on top of my blog, but I miss it. But, there always seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. First, my back pain is not always this severe, so I know the intensity will not last. And, keep your fingers crossed for me, next year, I may begin teaching a new subject. Several years ago, I spoke to my principal and requested a switch in the subject that I teach. Although I enjoy teaching English, I want to try something new; I would love to teach social studies. As the school enrollment continues to soar, we need additional teachers. He came to me and asked if I would like to take on the history job, and of course, I accepted. If I receive this position, it will lighten my load. So here’s to new adventures!

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9 thoughts on “October Themes

  1. Hi Ann Marie. I don’t know that you saw this rattle across your inbox, but I stood up a real Halloween story just a while back. Except for a few tweaks, this actually happened to me. I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess the main tweak. I call it, “October Lights” and hope you enjoy it.

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  2. Hello again Ann Marie. I’m so sorry to hear of the situation with your back. You know that I had my own bout with sever back pain and through that I learned some things and some options. If you ever want to chat with someone who both cares and know a few things – I would love to and listen and share what I learned. Just ping me.

    In the mean time, another story came to mind and I captured it. All the way through, I was thinking that you might enjoy it because it has lots of things you care about: kids, fun parenting, education (well sorta), Colorado goofing off and explosions. What’s not to love? If you can find about 7 minutes – I think I can bring a smile to your face.


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      1. Hi Ann Marie. I think you may have mentioned that somewhere along the line. And yes, it is always such a welcome compliment that my friend the English teacher likes one of my stories. Not all my teachers understood my humor as well.

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